Master Your Nutrition, Master Your Body

Learn EXACTLY how to Lose Weight Over 40 in a Sane and Sustainable Way because #DietsSUCK

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Learn EXACTLY how to Lose Weight Over 40 in a Sane and Sustainable Way because #DietsSUCK

You Know You Need To Do Things Differently

You are here because what you have been doing just isn't working.

Maybe you've tried 5, 10, 15 diets over the last decade and you are sick and tired of bouncing from one to the next without sustainable results.

Or, maybe you had success with a few diets only to gain all of the weight back (and then some) because it just wasn't sustainable.

Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed, defeated and discouraged because the weight just seems to keep coming on and the nutrition and workouts you used to follow just isn't cutting it anymore.

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Girl, you are NOT alone!

You just haven't learned the MOMMA Method!

In this 8-week Fat Loss Primer program, I'll be walking you step-by-step through my signature MOMMA Method for sustainable fat loss after 40 - because we all know it's not just calories in versus calories out.  We need to pay attention to everything from hormones, to biofeedback, to sleep, stress, nutrients and LIFESTYLE!  

I don't know about you, but I don't want to be dieting anymore, I want a metabolism that's responsive, that easily drops fat and to actually have a life while doing it!

You ready for that too?

Master Your Nutrition, Master Your Body

The 8-Week Fat Loss Primer Program for sustainable fat loss after 40

Join by Monday 11/29 by midnight for this special Black Friday Deal!

The program officially starts January 24th but coaching from Amber will start right away for those who sign up now!

Join by November 29th and get $100 off

Client Results

After 2.5 years on Keto, Maria lost 22lbs and finally at 53 years old gave up the dieting mindset!

After years of chronic pain and gastrointestinal issues, Tania continues to master her nutrition and body!

Michelle lost inches after suffering from thyroid disease and learned that mindset is half the battle!



Self-proclaimed as the "impossible case" because of hormone imbalances and unresponsive metabolism!

*Results vary depending on starting point, goals and effort

Hiya Gorgeous!  I'm your coach, Amber!

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I know what it's like to never be satisfied in your body.  

I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed, confused and frustrated when it comes to losing weight.  I also know what its like to be over 40 and suddenly your body doesn't feel the same as it did when you were in your 20's or 30's.

Health and fitness has always been a part of my life - but after I became a mom, things changed.  I gained around 65lbs with BOTH kids and found it really difficult to shed the weight.  I found I had less time for myself and and it seemed impossible to make myself a priority again.  And on top of that, weight loss strategies that worked in the past, just didn't seem to work anymore.

I tried every diet on the planet.  I would have success and then as soon as I went back to "normal" life, the weight would come back on.  I found myself in this vicious cycle of deprivation dieting and was more unhappy in my skin than ever.

It wasn't until I gave up ALL of the dieting - the macro counting, the calorie counting, logging my food - that I found true freedom.  I started focusing on eating more real food and an effective exercise program that didn't require hours in the gym and my body AND my mindset changed.

Now I want to share what worked for me, and countless other clients, with you.  I want to show you that losing weight doesn't have to be so complicated and miserable.

I am going to teach you how to build a sustainable lifestyle so you can shed the weight, transform your mindset and stop the dieting forever.  I want to show you how to use food as medicine to balance hormones and find relief as our bodies change.  I want you to feel confident and sexy in your own skin and have the energy to do the things you love.

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So c'mon mamma, let's do this.

Let's do this together! I am going to be with you every step of the way!

What's included?

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Personalized Nutrition Coaching

  • Get a super-simple training video every Sunday so you know exactly what to implement to stay on track with your goals
  • Check-in and connect with Amber during our interactive weekly live coaching calls so that you feel supported and held accountable
  • Access to private messaging with Amber so you can get quickie questions answered anytime and if things aren't working, she can help you troubleshoot on the fly where needed
  • Get unlimited support in our special members-only facebook group
  • Weekly goal tracking and activities to help you stay focused and on track with achieving your goals
  • Get a downloadable PDF with delicious meal inspiration recipes so you can take the guesswork out of healthy eating 24/7

24/7 Premium Members Only Portal

  • Get immediate login access to a convenient and secure site to access all of the MOMMA method content
  • Weekly guided content and reminders to hold you accountable and keep you feeling excited to keep going especially when life gets in the way
  • Lifetime access and available to you 24/7 – access it when it works with YOUR schedule
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Bonus At-Home Workouts

  • 100% optional weekly workouts fat-burning and strength-building workouts so you can tone your body, gain energy and boost your metabolism
  • All Fitness Levels
  • Get an effective workout in 35 minutes or less
  • You can follow the nutrition program and skip the workouts and still see amazing results!

Private Community

  • Daily support from Amber and her team to keep you engaged and moving towards your goals
  • Private FB Group to build community, receive additional support and coaching with Amber, celebrate wins and share your struggles with other like-minded women
  • Safe space for you to lean in to other like-minded women for support and encouragement
  • Get all of your questions answered
  • Share your struggles and celebrate your wins!
  • Weekly challenges and raffle prizes to keep you excited and having fun through your transformation
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Sustainable Weight Loss Plan

  • How to build your plate with the big nutritional dial movers specific so you never have to follow someone else's meal plan again
  • Learn simple and effective tools to optimize your metabolism to reverse the damage of years of restrictive dieting
  • Gain #foodfreedom by learning how to taste everything and binge on nothing...without GUILT
  • Heal your relationship with food so that you never stress about what you "can" or "can't" have
  • Unpack, unravel and shift years of limiting beliefs around food and your body to finally achieve lasting and radical results

Master Your Nutrition, Master Your Body

Join by Monday 11/29 by midnight for this special Black Friday Deal!

The program officially starts January 24th but coaching from Amber will start right away for those who sign up now!

Join by November 29th and get $100 off

Here's How It Works:

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Upon enrollment, you'll get access to a closed private community where you'll be able to connect everyone else starting together on January 24th.  For those who sign up early, the coaching will start right away with tips and strategies to get you ready hit the ground running.
Each week, you will receive a training video on Sunday.  This will be a super easy to follow training video where I will be teaching you a key principle for the MOMMA method teaching along with homework to implement and goals to track.

Each Wednesday, I'll be hosting LIVE nutrition trainings (yes, they will be recorded so you can watch after the fact) and then opening it up to questions from you in person, or submitted before the call. This is where you get laser focused one on one coaching from me for a solid foundation to truly MASTER the 5 key principles - because once you have mastered these, these are literally the only things you need to do to shed the weight and stop the dieting for good.

Daily Support in the Facebook group from me personally, to help you troubleshoot between calls as well.

At the end of the 8-weeks, you'll have a clear and realistic plan in place so you can continue your progress long after the 8 weeks is over.

Bonus Exercise Accountability:

$250 Value

Along with a complete exercise program where I will be taking you through the exact workouts that I use to train my body - I also will be holding you accountable for getting them done!

Each day, I'll be sharing an exercise accountability thread in the Facebook Group.  This will correspond to the workout already written for you and on the calendar in your personalized app.  So all you have to do is open up the app and get to it!  Super simple and no guesswork required!

Although the workouts are are optional, I know I have a lot of ladies who are ready to get stronger and feel in their power with exercise, too. So I have you covered!

With the accountability post, you’ll comment with how you did and post a sweaty selfie, and if you have any specific questions or needed modifications.  I have some pretty killer raffle prizes for those who go all in and commit!

My goal for you is to get your body moving and become as consistent as possible, so you are well on your way to getting the results you want.

Let's do this mamma!

The Kind of Results You Can Expect By Working With Amber

My Goal For You At The End of The 8 Weeks:

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Here's the truth - I don't want you to ever have to diet again. I lived that life for far too long and I want to show you a better way.

So over the 8 weeks, I am going teach you my signature method - the MOMMA method.  This is my proven 5 step method for sane and sustainable weight loss for women over 40.

I will lay the foundation to help you master these five key things.  Because when you learn these KEY principles, you realize you never need to diet again because you've truly MASTERed your body.

And it's not just that it's reverse engineered from my own transformation, but from those of my clients as well.

The MOMMA method literally is all you need to shed the weight for good and kiss dieting goodbye forever!

Here is what we will be covering over the 8 weeks:

  • WEEK 1

    Real Food Nutrition

    What is Real Food Nutrition and Why Should I Care? Learning to Eat for Sustainable Fat Loss & Hormone Balance so that you know exactly what foods get results for YOUR body

  • WEEK 2

    The 3 Absolutes

    How to Build Your Plate for Fat Loss Without Counting/Tracking to take the guesswork out and finally delete the tracking apps on your phone for good! 

  • WEEK 3

    Optimizing Your Hormones for Fat Loss

    How to Reset, Recharge and Prime Your Body For Optimal Hormone Balance and Metabolic Conditioning so you understand how to make necessary adjustments that are specific to. YOU

  • WEEK 4

    Conquering Cravings

    Learn how to use cravings as a tool to help you lose weight and finally learn to understand and examine cravings as critical biofeedback and not just a lack of willpower

  • WEEK 5

    Moderation + Satisfaction

    #Satisfactionfactor - How to actually eat food that doesn’t taste like hot garbage because healthy food doesn't have to suck

  • WEEK 6

    Finding #FoodFreedom

    Learn to make Peace with Food so that you can stop beating yourself up and start living your life!

  • WEEK 7

    Mindfulness/Exposure Therapy + Intermittent Sampling

    How to Taste Everything but binge on nothing so you are finally keep that box of your favorite cookies in the panty without stressing you’ll eat the whole box

  • WEEK 8

    Abundance Mindset and Old Food Narratives

    How to Change Your Mindset Around Food so that you never get a Case of The “EFF-ITS”  and have to “start over” on Monday again!



The alternative is to stay stuck on the crazy train dieting without lasting results.  

The MOMMA method is your one way ticket to getting off that train.

Aren't you ready for that?

Join The Master Your Nutrition, Master Your Body 8 Week Program Today!

Join by Monday 11/29 by midnight for this special Black Friday Deal!

The program officially starts January 24th but coaching from Amber will start right away for those who sign up now!

Join by November 29th and get $100 off


Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

I want this to be a zero risk, no brainer decision for you.

I want you be be fired up, committed and ready to go.

So here is the deal, I am offering a 7 day - no questions asked - money back guarantee because this program is for people who are excited and ready.

But I want to make this decision even more risk free for you.  At the end of the 8 weeks, if you have done all of the work - you have shown up and completed the assignments, participated on the calls and in the group - and you still don't feel like you got value - send it to me and I will refund you all of your money.  That's it.  It's as simple as that.