STEP 2: Book a Call to Claim Your Free Guest Pass to Attend the Wellness Revolution Virtual Event

You’re almost there! In order to access your guest pass, first you must schedule your “Wellness Revolution Virtual Event Check-In” to make sure you’re a good fit for this event.

(This is NOT a sales call. It’s a short call to make sure we’re a good match.)

The Next Step is to Schedule a “Wellness Revolution Virtual Event CHECK-IN”

Before sending you your guest pass, I want to do two things.

First, I want to make sure everything I’m going over in this event will be a good fit for you!

While I do offer this invitation to many 40+ ladies, I don’t allow everyone to join.

I want to keep my Wellness Revolution Interactive Workshop as meaningful as possible for everyone who attends.

Meaning I want to make sure you are ready with the right attitude and the right intentions to join.

Keep in mind this is a “small group collective” workshop, meaning everyone who gets to join gets personal 1:1 time with me in an intimate setting, gets to learn with the same curriculum, and receives the same guidance that I give my paying clients.

I understand that you have a full life outside of trying to lose weight, and I am here to help you make healthy living a seamless part of your lifestyle.

That’s why I’d like to get to know you better and make sure we are well-matched. (No worries, this event may not be a good fit for you, and that's okay!)

Because this event is for women who are DONE with all the “quick fixes” they have tried over the years (that got them nowhere!) and are ready to take the first steps to invest in a full transformational experience. 

Second, I want to learn about your goals and current struggles so I can make sure the information in this event is going to be valuable to you.

You know your worth and don’t have time to waste as a busy woman with a full life focused on your career, family, and other goals… 

I know there would be nothing worse than sitting through a two-night event and feeling like you’re not getting what you came for.

That’s why I want to learn about your current situation so I can ensure that this experience is going to be incredibly valuable to you.

Because I value the time you are giving me and I value the integrity of what I teach, I want anyone who gets to attend to have the most intimate experience possible to connect with me so you can truly learn within this interactive workshop.

Booking this quick call gives us the chance to connect before the event and be sure this event is appropriate for you and doesn’t waste your time! (I will register you officially during the call.)

So if you want to join this free event then book your spot above and let’s connect! (Hurry spots fill up fast so book yours while you can!)


I want to be extremely clear on this:

This call you’re about schedule is NOT a sales call.

This call is purely a quick check in to get to know you as a person and learn your goals to see if they align with what I’ll be teaching in this event.

Before making any kind of offer to you, I’d like to allow you to learn real strategies that can set you on the right track to getting off the diet roller coaster for good.

And, even after the event is over, I’ll only make you an offer if you tell me you're ready to dive in with me and learn more!



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