Non-Scale Victories- How to Identify Wins to Keep You Going in Your Weight Loss Goals

May 4, 2022

I have a recurring dream. Well, it's a nightmare really. I get out of bed, put on my favorite robe, step into the bathroom and I see it there on the floor. My heart starts racing and I feel flush. I step towards it slowly like a scene in a horror movie. I see my toes align with the little screen and wait for the three numbers to pop up.

And then the dread hits.

I've spent a lifetime addicted to the numbers on a scale. Every morning, sometimes in the afternoon, maybe once I've taken my clothes off to get in the shower. I was always checking the scale. Always hoping the number would be different. My whole focus and the benchmark for all of my success was on the scale.

But that was before.

Let me tell you, looking back, I feel sorry for the woman who let those numbers have such a massive impact on my mood and my self image. I let the scale dictate how I treated myself.

So, I want to give you some non-scale victories to look out for because you deserve to celebrate progress, and often times it's not on the scale.

Keep in mind that everyone's non-scale victories may look different. These aren't one size fits all because each person has different goals and different lifestyles and really are just completely different people. You have to really ask yourself what's important to you and go from there.

So, first, when you're on track and eating lots of real non processed food and starting to stay consistent, how are you feeling?

-Are your energy levels up?

-Are you getting better sleep?

-Have your moods improved?

These are HUGE. We often overlook this stuff when we're trying to lose weight but these things play a giant role in our overall lifestyle change. These are the things that keep us going and make this sustainable.

I also want you to start paying attention to how your clothes fit. We are usually so focused on the number that we don't look at the changes that are happening in our bodies right before our eyes.

Body fat loss does take time, but when you start to see your jeans fit a little looser or your favorite shirt sit a little different on you, these are the changes that you're truly looking for.

The last non scale victory I want you to pay attention to is the mindset piece. Are you starting to get comfortable building your own plate and making decisions you know will improve your health? Are you learning how to use food to balance your hormones and help keep you full and satisfied? Are you able to treat yourself without feeling guilt or anxiety?

Are you white knuckling it?

Part of real sustainable growth is looking at your cravings as bio feedback, not something bad. Learning WHY you want sugary sweets or salty chips, or whatever you've convinced yourself is bad. When you start listening to your body you will understand what it needs to stop the cravings. BUT sometimes you just want a damn handful of chips or a piece of candy and that's okay too. Sustainable lifestyle is about consistency not perfection. And life is too damn short to live without your favorite treats.

Why were you craving that specific thing? Does it have something to do with your stress levels, your sleep, maybe what you did or didn't eat at your last meal. And so often when you can learn to focus and connect with your biofeedback you can learn to really pivot on what you need to do in your daily nutrition to help reduce those.

These are all the changes that make a true lifestyle change that you will maintain forever. The kinds of victories that mean you will never need another diet or meal plan or tracking app again.

Mamma, there is so much more to healing your relationship with food and stepping off the diet rollercoaster than what pops up on the scale. I have found the freedom that comes from stepping off the scale and I want you to find it too.

If you want to hear me dive deeper into each of these non-scale victories and how to achieve them, listen to this episode of The Wellness Revolution Podcast.

If you would like to chat more about your journey and how I can help, feel free to reach out on email or any of my social media challenges.

Remember The scale is not the only measure of success

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