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The Wellness Revolution Presents…

A FREE 2-Day Interactive Workshop for Women 40+

Who are Ready to Transform Their Mind and Body

and Invest in Themselves Again!

April 4th & 5th

6pm - 9pm est / 3pm - 6pm pst

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Calling all the Motivated but Defeated professional women out there who are struggling to lose weight and keep it off:

 If you're crushing it in your personal and professional life but feeling frustrated with your health and weight loss progress, then it's time to make a change. 

Join me on a transformative journey towards renewed confidence and healing from the inside out to create a lifestyle that is effortless and builds sustainable weight loss.

(Even if you’ve tried every diet out there with no success.)


Have you been slaying it in so many areas of your life but can't seem to achieve the same success in your health and weight loss goals

And let’s get real… you make your own damn decisions and it’s frustrating to have control and success over so much of your life but not be able to have success in this one thing:

Having a body that you love and are proud of.

You've bought into every quick fix out there…

Restrictive meal plans, “nutrition” bars, shake systems, and endless pre-packed meal systems.

And they never seem to work long-term.

Why? Because the “immediate results” they promise… come at a price:

You are controlled by food…

“Do I have enough calories left for this?lives rent-free in your head.

You are tired of the anxiety that builds before any “girls' night out” because you are terrified you’ll overindulge and blow your “diet”.( so you don’t even show up.)

You are done with frantically scouring the online menu, while sitting in the restaurant parking lot, worrying that you might not find something that is within your “meal plan”. 

Feeling guilty any time you do “give in” to cravings and dread restarting all over again every Monday.

You just want to be able to go about your day without being worried if you're “making the right choice” and all the mental calculations of “choosing the right food” being a constant overshadow

Because EVERY.SINGLE.THING. you put in your mouth is questioned… constantly.

Let’s face it…

Eventually, you WILL give up. But not because you aren’t capable of having the body you want…

But because “dieting” is not a sustainable way to live life.

This was my story too.

I yoyo dieted my way through my 20s and 30s but I always ended up right back where I started.

Feeling miserable in my own skin. tearing myself apart anytime I caught my reflection in a mirror. 

But after I turned 40, I decided something needed to change.

I stopped dieting.

Now I’m in the best shape of my life and I feel amazing in my mind and my body.

And I’m here to show you that you don’t have to diet ever again!

Because this Interactive Workshop is for women who are ready to LET GO of guilt and shame!

Women who are ready GET OFF the "dieting hamster wheel" to find a final solution! 

It’s time to feel just as confident in your body as you do in the other areas of your life!

Over the course of 2 days…

I’ll guide you to know exactly how to create a solid foundation that makes weight loss fit seamlessly onto your already full plate, so you can finally break free from the burden of “dieting”.

Never again struggle to incorporate  “someone else's” meal plan or tedious “workout regimen” that doesn’t fit your hectic life so you can effortlessly and enjoyably maintain your weight loss goals without feeling like your life is being constantly controlled!

Say goodbye to feeling uncomfortable in your skin as you hide in family photos because you are so ashamed of the way you look!

Say hello to feeling confident in your body so you don’t have to fake a smile ever again!

And I cannot wait to show you how!

Here’s what you’ll uncover over these 2-days:

Refocus your Vision: You don’t have time for diets that don’t align with your busy lifestyle. Let’s uncover what’s really kept you from reaching your weight loss goals and create a clear vision of the confident, unstoppable woman you can achieve!

Reframe Your Mindset: You’re a grown-ass woman, and you know  “diets” don’t provide a framework for life after the diet - which is why the weight comes back.  I’ll show you how to retrain your mind to build a solid foundation for a whole new lifestyle that works for you!

Repower Your Nutrition: You deserve a healthy lifestyle that is actually satisfying and will help you stay consistent long-term! As a successful, independent woman, you don't have time for cheap tricks that don't work. Let me give you the proven tools and techniques so you can finally enjoy healthy foods that are easy and satisfying to help you stay consistent long-term!

Realign Your Body: Let’s conquer your cravings together. We’ll clinical with your cravings so you can finally release the shame and guilt around food, discover the role hormones play in your weight loss journey, and understand what your body NEEDS at this stage of life. Together we’ll change your relationship with food so you can discover true food freedom!

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Get ready to discover the ultimate shifts that I use to guide women within my paid programs. Because I’ll be sharing with you my proven curriculum which is packed with foundational shifts which have helped my paying clients achieve their weight loss goals.

These shifts are designed to give you the tools needed to effortlessly develop a happy, healthy lifestyle starting today. And the best part? You can benefit from these same shifts and start living your best life right now!

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I’m a Mind & Body Transformation Expert, Founder of The Wellness Revolution, Motivational Speaker, and Internationally Recognized Authority in the Health and Wellness Industry.

I know what it's like to be over 40+, kicking ass in my career, and showing up in so many areas of my life only to still feel exhausted, resentful, and overwhelmed, hating the way I look in the mirror.

I also know what it is like to try every diet on the planet only to end up right back where I started.

After having kids and growing older, I found it harder and harder to make time for myself and that included finding time to eat right and exercise. Before I knew it, I was body-shaming myself and miserable in my own skin. I felt confused and frustrated when it came to losing weight. So I decided to do something about it: I stopped dieting and built a lifestyle to permanently shed the weight and love my body again.

Now I’m on a mission to help other women over 40 learn the tools to transform their minds and bodies so they can experience true food freedom, sustainable weight loss, and learn to truly love their bodies again.

I would love for you to be part of this wellness revolution!


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Who is this event for...


This event is specifically designed for busy driven women who are go-getters, have a rich life, and don't have time to waste on cheap, ineffective solutions. Women who make their own money and don’t have to ask permission to make decisions about their health and wellness--but have lost confidence in their ability to reach their weight loss goals.


You deserve support from someone who understands you have a life outside of dieting and that food should be an effortless and enjoyable part of your life, not your whole life.

Trade in the Restricive Diet: Reclaim Your Confidence and Create a Healthier, Happier You Again!

Over the course of these two nights, you’ll learn how to let go of the perfectionist mentality that has kept you stuck on the diet roller coaster for decades and start to create a healthy mindset that focuses on more than just the numbers on the scale.

You’ll learn to reconnect with your body, regain control of your nutrition, and rediscover the powerful, confident woman you truly are. 

The best part, you aren’t on this journey alone.  

Because within this event you will constantly be supported by me and surrounded by other women who are all working towards the same goal– to create a healthy, fulfilling life regaining their confidence to invest in themselves again.

If you're ready to invest in yourself fully and start a healthy weight loss journey, then join this FREE Interactive Workshop!


Get Ready to Revolutionize Your Wellness!

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