How Journaling Can Help You As A Busy Mom

JAN 10, 2020

When life gets super busy, spending time with your journal may come way down on the list of priorities.

What if I told you that journaling could be a game changer for your wellbeing?

According to studies, journaling has some seriously impressive benefits for mental health and wellbeing. It can help to reduce stress and is even linked to better immunity. Just what busy moms like you need!


Some of the things you can talk about in your journal:

  • Your hopes and plans
  • Your worries and concerns
  • Things that you’re grateful for
  • Anything and everything that comes into your mind, especially when you’re feeling super stressed and need an outlet
  • Bullet journals are great for helping to keep your organized


Sometimes, it can help just to get your thoughts and emotions down on paper.

There will be other times when you need to work through how you’re feeling and journaling can be super important for this too. Journaling can help you to see things from another perspective, for example.


You might be surprised to see some patterns in your thinking when you start putting pen to paper. For example, you might not think of yourself as an overly negative person but your journal entries may say otherwise!

Getting a deeper understanding of yourself is a big first step to making changes, if you need to. It also gives you a reference point to come back to when you want to see how you’re doing.

If you’ve not kept a journal since you were a teen, it can feel super awkward to get back into it again. Stick with it though and you could see some big benefits for your wellbeing.

You may prefer to keep a bullet journal. As a busy mom, this can make it super easy to stay on top of your family’s appointments, activities and anything else that needs to happen that day. Even your grocery list can have pride of place.

Writing it all down means you don’t have a million and one reminders floating around in your mind.

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