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Hi, I’m Amber Shaw, board certified health and wellness coach, personal trainer, women’s transformation coach and host of The Wellness Revolution Podcast!  I empower working moms to step into their highest self to uplevel their health, wealth and relationships.   As a mom of two who radically transformed her life at the age of 40, my mission is to help women like you transform your mind and body so you can show up as the confident, empowered woman you were born to be.

Together, we’ll talk nutrition, fitness, mindset, relationships, personal growth, lifestyle, and basically all things life after 35 (even the awkward stuff!) So, whether you’re looking to optimize your health & wellness, find a bit of inspiration, or just need a good chat about hormones or how to stay balanced in the chaos of being a working mom, you’re in the right place. 

In this podcast, you’ll get solutions that actually work, straight-to-the-point advice, lots of compassion and support from a coach who actually gives a damn. You ready?

TWR Podcast Episode 283

TWR 283: Liberating Yourself After Divorce: The Feelings Around Divorce No One Talks About with Dr. Karin Luise

TWR Podcast Episode 282

TWR 282: How to Defeat Cravings & Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss with Dr. Glenn Livingston

TWR Podcast Episode 280

TWR 280: 3 Steps to Overcoming Trauma, Navigating Triggers, & Moving On

TWR Podcast Episode 279

TWR 279: The Best Dating & Relationship Advice for High-Achieving Women with Evan Marc Katz

TWR Podcast Episode 278

TWR 278: The Science-Proven, Heart-Based Strategy That Regulates Emotions & Reduces Cortisol (for Kids & Parents) with Kimberly Snyder

TWR Podcast Episode 277

TWR 277: Hormonal Acne Solutions & Skincare Best Practices for Women Over 40 with Expert Danielle Gronich

TWR Podcast Episode 276

TWR 276: Aligning Passion and Purpose in Midlife

TWR Podcast Episode 275

TWR 275: Simplifying the Trauma Healing Process: How Breathwork Can Help You Heal Your Wounds with Stefanos Sifandos

TWR Podcast Episode 274

TWR 274: Embracing Life’s Journey: Fostering Resilience and Self-Improvement

TWR Podcast Episode 273

TWR 273: Simple Science-Backed Tips for Better Gut Health, Increased Energy, & Weight Loss with Hannah Aylward

TWR Podcast Episode 272

TWR 272: Exploring Spirituality: Gentle & Practical Ways to Incorporate Spirituality Into Your Life with Judy Greenfeld

TWR Podcast Episode 271

TWR 271: How to Live a Pain-Free Life (You Need to STOP Stretching) with Yogi Aaron

TWR Podcast Episode 270

TWR 270: 3 Things That Are Killing Your Momentum & Preventing You From Reaching Your Goals

TWR Podcast Episode 269

TWR 269: The Simplest, Most Effortless Ways to Live a Better Life & Make a Positive Impact in the World with Dr. Harry Cohen

TWR Podcast Episode 268

TWR 268: Dennis Vetrano on Repairing Relationship Dynamics, Navigating Your Fear of Divorce, & Preparing for a Divorce

TWR Podcast Episode 267

TWR 267: Redefining Health, Wealth, Success, & Purpose with Human Design Expert Emma Dunwoody

TWR Podcast Episode 266

TWR 266: How to Transform Your Life, One Step at a Time

TWR Podcast Episode 256

TWR 265: Boric Acid: The Key to Healing Yeast Infections, Feminine Odor, Menopausal Symptoms & MORE with Deeannah Seymour

TWR Podcast Episode 264

TWR 264: Making Friends & Cultivating Strong Adult Friendships as a Woman Over 40

TWR Podcast Episode 263

TWR 263: How to Prep Your Teens to Succeed on the SATs & ACTs with Shahar Link

TWR Podcast Episode 262

TWR 262: 3 Signs You’re Out of Alignment with Your Higher Self + How to Realign With Her

TWR Podcast Episode 261

TWR 261: How to Heal Your Insecure Attachment Style & Transform Your Relationships, Career, Well-Being, & MORE with Dr. Judy Ho

TWR Podcast Episode 260

TWR 260: The Pep Talk You Need to Finally Make a Change in Your Life

TWR Podcast Episode 259

TWR 259: Personalized Health Testing: The Key to Healing Chronic Illness & Optimizing Health with Dr. Patti Devers & Dr. Michael Chapman

TWR Podcast Episode 258

TWR 258: Top 3 Major Weight Loss Mistakes Women Make & How to Avoid Them

Episode 257

TWR 257: Mastering Your Mind & Energy to Radically Heal Your Body with Brandy Gillmore

TWR Podcast Episode 256

TWR 256: Small Ways to Shift Your Identity, Pursue Your Passions, & Live a Purposeful Life

TWR Episode 255

TWR 255: How to Start Healing Your Relationship With Money & Achieve Financial Wellness with Wendy Wright

TWR Podcast Episode 254

TWR 254: How I Pivoted in Life & Achieved Radical Change [My Message to the World]

TWR Podcast Episode 246

TWR 253: How to Practice Embodiment & Transform Your Life Through Mind-Body-Soul Connection with Alexis Artin