The Wellness Revolution Podcast

Are you over 40 and sick and tired of feeling miserable in your skin? Have you tried every single diet on the planet and nothing seems to work? Well, if you answered yes to any of these, you’re in the right place.

Melissa Carcache

TWR 070: The Beauty of Answering Life Calls with Melissa Carcache


TWR 069: Start Taking Radical Ownership of Your Life Now

Laurie Lewis

TWR 068: How to Nail the Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle with Laurie Lewis


TWR 067: Easy Tools to Manage Anxiety

Colleen Wachob

TWR 066: How to Maximize Your Well-Being with Colleen Wachob (mindbodygreen)


TWR 065: How Does Alcohol Affect Weight Loss?

Guest Podcast Artwork (1080 × 1080 px)

TWR 064: The Impact of the Nervous System on Romantic Relationships with Lauren Zoeller


TWR 063: Finding Motivation to Exercise When You Have No Time

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TWR 062: Demystifying Nutrition Myths with Robert J. Davis


TWR 061: A to Z Guide on Carbohydrate Intake for Weight Loss

Tina Haupert

TWR 060: Holistic Approach to Gut Health and Metabolism with Tina Haupert


TWR 059: Why Women Feel Triggered with Fitness Challenges

Matt Lombardi

TWR 058: On CBD Supplements and Functional Wellness with Matt Lombardi (beam)


TWR 057: How to Overcome the Fears of Divorce

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TWR 056: Getting Back Into the Dating World with Cat Cantrill


TWR 055: How to Meal Prep and Eat Healthy During the Week

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TWR 054: On Metabolism and Weight Loss with Dr. Jade Teta


TWR 053: The Real Mindset Work Never Ends

Jacob Lucas

TWR 52: How to Get Into the Dating World like a Pro with Jacob Lucas


TWR 051: Gut Health and Hormones

Dr. Klarissa Mae Castro

TWR 050: Balancing Motherhood and Entrepreneurship with Dr. Klarissa Mae


TWR 049: Can a Woman Over 40 Find Love?

Michael Unbroken

TWR 048: On Healing Trauma and Owning Your Happiness with Michael Unbroken


TWR 047: Weight Loss: 3 Common Pitfalls that Are Keeping You Stuck

David Solomon

TWR 046: Turning Pain into Power with David Powertalk


TWR 045: Simple Tools to Conquer Your Cravings

Gabby Bernstein

TWR 044: Traumas, Triggers, and Taking Back Control with Gabby Bernstein

Molly Carmel

TWR 043: Breaking up with Sugar with Molly Carmel

Gabrielle Stone

TWR 042: Overcoming Abandonment and Betrayal with Gabrielle Stone


TWR 041: The Subconscious Mind and its Effect on Self Love