Be Kind To Yourself Mom

JAN 15, 2020

Ever feel like you have to be an effortlessly calm and collected Supermom, because that’s what society expects of you?

These days, there’s a huge amount of pressure to be “perfect” and it’s super easy to feel like you’re failing.


And it usually means that you’re always putting everyone else first and keeping yourself as the lowest priority. The end result? Major emotional burnout, which can sometimes be physical too. And that’s going to have a big knock on effect for your family.

One of the big ways to be kind to yourself? Accept that you can only do so much and recognizing that pushing yourself beyond what you’re capable of isn’t going to be good for anyone.


Kick the urge to feel guilty into touch if certain things don’t get done as intended.

Didn’t get a chance to make a super healthy dinner today? One “treat” meal isn’t going to ruin your family’s health. Dishes still waiting to be washed and dried after a busy day with the family? Just hold off until the morning.


Get the picture?

It’s all about avoiding the guilt and looking at things in a different way. It’s not a huge deal if you have to change your plans sometimes. It happens to all of us!

Another top tip for being kind to yourself?

Stop comparing yourself to other people. They may seem like they have it all together but in reality, they’re probably doing no better than yourself.

At the end of the day, look yourself in the mirror and remind yourself of what an amazing job you’re doing with your family.


Tell yourself things like:

“You are CRUSHING it as a mom today, your family is happy and know how loved they are.”

Over time, these statements should start to feel truer.

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