The Lowest Point of My Dieting Story

MARCH 16, 2022

Is there a moment in your dieting life you look back on and think, THAT was it- that was one of the lowest points?

I've dealt with eating disorders and a lifetime building a terrible relationship with food, and riding the dieting rollercoaster but there's a moment that always sticks out to me when I look back on my ultra unhealthy eating habits growing up.

For me, it was looking down at my oatmeal, and seeing a pool of spray butter sloshing around the top of the bowl.

I ate the same meal for almost 3 years, ladies. THREE YEARS. Instant oatmeal, a packet of equal and spray butter. And I didn't just spray the butter on top like you were supposed to. Oh no, I unscrewed the cap and poured it on there. Freakin gross.

And it didn't help. I wasn't losing weight. I felt defeated and I didn't know what I was doing wrong.

Many of us battle with the idea that any food that claims to be 'healthy' or 'diet' must be good. Any food that has carbs or fat must be bad. And when we think back to the times that we put ourselves on insane diets and really formed those bad habits, we weren't actually doing our bodies any favors, most of the time we didn't actually lose any weight and we were miserable.

It wasn't until many years later after I finally started learning about food and how it fuels our body that I understood that I had to pay attention to the details. I had to understand how to read the labels and get past the marketing words to know what my body needed- and maybe more importantly, what it didn't need. SO MANY of the foods that claimed to be healthy were packed full of hidden sugars, saturated fats and high calorie content.

And the best part, mammas, GOOD FOOD DOESN'T HAVE TO TASTE LIKE HOT GARBAGE (or a hot bowl of flavorless oatmeal soaked in fake butter).

When you start understanding how to read labels, when you start adding more REAL food into your diet, you will start naturally losing weight because your body feels fuller. You have more energy, your hormones start to balance, and you'll even notice a clearer mind and better moods.

When I tell you these simples steps are LIFE CHANGING, I truly mean it. I've put together a FREE Five Day  #zerorprocessed challenge that gives you my EXACT STRATEGY to help you feel healthier, lose weight and get lean in a sane, sustainable way. I ran this challenge in January and it was SO POPULAR I brought it back. It's packed full of information that helps to arm you with the tools you need to make healthier decisions and finally start losing weight.

So, put down the spray butter (or whatever you use) and join us, We kick off April 11th, 2022.


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How Spray Butter turned into my lowest dieting moment.

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