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TWR 077: Don’t White-Knuckle Through Nighttime Eating

Hey Love, if you know the struggle of being so good on your diet during the day (give yourself a pat on the back), only to be derailed by your pantry for a nighttime eating sesh, then Amber has some words you need to hear today in this episode. Girl, don’t white-knuckle it– give yourself some damn grace. We’ve all been there, but with the tips that Amber gives us today, let’s be fierce and face that nighttime with confidence!

First, if you notice that your nighttime eating is getting the best of you, Amber encourages you to detach yourself from that moment and to be clinical and ask yourself– What’s really going on? Why am I doing this? Once we identify the cause, nighttime eating is an issue that can be remedied. This spills over into the next tip. Once you know why, then you can identify what triggered it. Self-awareness is key for this to be effective.

Then, Mama, cue “Closing Time” by Semisonic because this kitchen is *closed.* Get yourself into a routine with structured times for eating and sleeping. To be able to get better sleep, studies show we should shut that kitchen down 3-4 hours before our head hits that pillow. When we have that structure we can make sure we’re getting enough food throughout the day to where we don’t even think about nighttime eating because we’ll be busy sleeping. This step really kicks our circadian rhythm into gear and resets our bodies to lessen cravings and hunger.

The next steps overlap each other. Girl, get satisfied– at every meal. Healthy eating doesn’t have to equate to boring eating. Eat the foods that you like and appreciate your meal. We want our bodies to say, “Damn, that was good!” Achieving that level of satisfaction is easier when we do the next tip and include protein and good fats in our meals. By including these nutrients in our meals, we are not only more satisfied, but nighttime eating will become a thing of the past. But overall, listen to your body. As Amber says, we should not deny our bodies in the name of a diet. After all, wellness and health is a journey about being consistent over perfect.

You in, Mama? Tune in for more!

Wellness Quote

  • “When it comes to nighttime eating, more times than not, there is a reason behind it… that reason has nothing to do with the kind of person that you are.” –Amber Shaw

Key Highlights

  • We have to release that guilt and shame over not meeting the unrealistic standards that restrictive dieting has placed on us, we have to give ourselves grace;
  • Get more clinical and understand the why behind your nighttime eating sessions– ask yourself why are you doing this and identify the cause;
  • Once you understand the cause, find the trigger. Was it emotional? Maybe you had a stressful day at work, maybe it was your *gulp* children. Bath time. Bedtime. Getting them to eat vegetables. Yikes;
  • Getting into a routine is very helpful. Be intentional and plan to have enough food throughout your day, close your kitchen at a specific time, and then be consistent with your bedtime;
  • Get enough protein and good fats at every meal to boost your satisfaction with every meal. When we look forward to eating during the day and for dinner, nighttime eating isn’t something to worry about;
  • Give yourself some damn grace… have we mentioned that already?

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