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TWR 004: On Relationships and Facing Divorce

There are a few experiences in life that are pivotal moments, changing our perspective forever. Regardless of your own story, there’s no doubt that relationship break ups and divorce are two of these experiences. Although we think we have all the relationship dilemmas figured out, it’s important to know that, when it comes to two heads thinking and two hearts beating, you can only control what you can control.

In this episode of The Wellness Revolution, Amber talks about her experience through divorce and how it affected her personal development journey. Looking back at our actions is part of the process of taking ownership: of the things we could have done differently and of the lessons we learned through consequences of certain actions. Although it’s a difficult event, a separation can – and will – prepare the person for the future ahead.

Wellness Quote

  • “That experience is so much of the reason why I’m sitting with you today. It absolutely changed the trajectory of my life; it absolutely just shaped so much of who I am today and how I got to where I am.” – Amber Shaw 

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