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TWR 005: Moderation, Mindfulness & Stepping Out the Food Obsession with Jill Coleman

When you think about dieting and weightloss; chances are you instantly think you need to deprive and torture yourself, eat way less than you already eat, and completely give up foods you enjoy. This mentality will eventually lead you, not only to food obsession, but also a difficult relationship with food. The only way out of this self-abuse is creating sustainable goals while also learning about mindfulness, moderation, and how you can eat in a more intuitive way.

In this episode of The Wellness Revolution, Amber sits down with Jill Coleman, founder of JillFit and creator of the Moderation365 certification, to talk about the circumstances of why some women try to lose weight for the wrong reasons and in the wrong ways. Jill explains that because women are always being told they need to drop a few pounds for no reason, the majority of them end up developing a compulsive and unhealthy relationship with food. Jill also shares her own story and how she was able to deal with this type of issue.

Wellness Quote

  • “In order to start trusting yourself, there is this little leap you have to be willing to do and most people I work with in the Moderation 365 are ready for that because they know what the alternative is.” – Jill Coleman 

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