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TWR 014: Navigating Co-parenting After Divorce

In this episode, Amber discusses the topic of co-parenting after a divorce. Amber takes us back to when she was the child of the story facing her parents’ divorce and seeing their eventual friendship. She explains why it was good for her and her siblings to witness the harmonious relationship between their father, mother, and stepfather.

Amber parallels this exact situation to her own divorce, sharing how she has been able to co-parent her kids and also create a relationship between her current boyfriend and ex-husband. Although easier said than done, Amber advises anyone who’s going through the same kind of situation to try to make things work with everyone involved because that is what will help the children the most. 

Wellness Quote

  • “Sometimes, if we’re really trying to co-parent and do it well, we have to not stuff down our pain… we work through our pain and we do the work on ourselves.” – Amber Shaw 

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