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TWR 015: How to Live the Present Moment Intentionally with Tori Gordon

The act of living in the present moment is a skill that needs to be worked on constantly. When we have anxious thoughts and feelings, it’s almost certain that we are stepping away from the present and stepping into the future – without even being there yet. On the other hand, when we are in a depressed state, having depressed episodes, it’s almost certain we are back to the past, reliving frustrations and traumas.

In this episode of The Wellness Revolution Podcast, Amber welcomes Tori Gordon to talk about all things anxiety, living in the present moment, the benefits of breathwork, and easy tricks to leave an anxious state of mind. Tori explains that we all have the power to move our attention off of something and that is the key to calm our minds and our bodies at the same time. Tori also talks about her experience leaving behind a corporate job to follow her inner voice.

Wellness Quote

  • “The first thing I’ll say if anybody listening struggles with anxiety is: it’s really important to recognize how you talk about it and how you identify with it.” – Tori Gordon 

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