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TWR 018: Replace Guilt with Mindfulness with These 3 Easy Tips

Sometimes we tell ourselves that we don’t like a certain type of food just because we think it is “bad” for us and it doesn’t fit into our diet; if you think carefully, it might not even be true. Our minds are in defense mode when it comes to our nutrition that we end up giving up all the foods we enjoyed (and still do!) just to reach a number on the scale. Have you ever given this a thought?

In this episode of The Wellness Revolution Podcast, Amber encourages you to think about this and really make an inventory of all the foods you abandoned for the sake of a new diet. Tune in to find out the 3 special tips to implement into your routine that will make you more mindful and less stressed about food – especially now with the holidays around the corner! 

Wellness Quote

  • “When you can start to eliminate that binging mentality and really start to be more mindful about your cravings and satisfaction when it comes to things that you’re eating, it allows you to stay more consistent.” – Amber Shaw

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