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TWR 056: Getting Back Into the Dating World with Cat Cantrill

In times like these, dating has never been so challenging, right? With the pandemic, everything became online and digital; everything suddenly started to happen from a distance and meeting new people for real turned into an impossible mission. Dating apps and social media made everything possible somehow, but now we are finally beginning to be sociable again, and finding a partner is now a possibility.

This episode of The Wellness Revolution features Cat Cantrill. Amber welcomes Cat to talk all things finding love, meeting new people, first date tips, and how to navigate being single again after a long term relationship or marriage. Cat shares the do’s and don’ts of dates and how important it is to open ourselves up for happiness, love, and pleasure even if everything doesn’t feel “perfect”. Why wait to enjoy life?

Wellness Quote

  • “The more ‘happy’ you are now, that’s going to ultimately fuel your need to be happ-ier.” – Cat Cantrill

Key Highlights

  • Cat shares about how inspiring women and helping women get back their confidence were the reasons she started her business;
  • Cat decided to open a dance studio as a hobby and she highlights the importance of having hobbies and doing things for ourselves from time to time;
  • Self-sabotage: why do we keep waiting to be happy and why do we feel the need to keep postponing happiness and joy because something doesn’t feel “perfect”?
  • Cat explains if there are different rules for women with different ages when navigating the dating world;
  • Cat tells the listeners some of the tips she uses with her clients if they are going on first dates (tips for single and newly divorced women);
  • The concept of anxious attachment style and how past experiences affect our relationships later in life.

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#ZeroProcessed: Free 5 Day Satisfaction and Consistency Nutrition Challenge for women who want fast, easy and delicious nutrition solutions. Link:

About Cat Cantrill

Cat is an author, a dating coach and a matchmaker. She is also the CEO of Heart Agency, coaching women to find love since 2013. She specializes in helping women take the business out of dating and attracting true love. Cat gives women the tools they need to set the foundation of a fun and flirty dating life.

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About Amber Shaw

Amber is a Body Transformation Expert, Founder of The Wellness Revolution, motivational speaker, and NBC Health and Wellness Coach. Having built a lifestyle that allowed her to embrace work, children, exercise, and well-balanced eating habits, Amber now works with helping and coaching women to achieve the same level of serenity and empowerment through a sustainable way of living.

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