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TWR 062: Demystifying Nutrition Myths with Robert J. Davis

When it comes to proper nutrition and weight loss, the myths and misinformation in the industry are really what prevents people from getting results and seeing changes. The endless cycle of new information proving other information wrong all the time can confuse people, leading them to give up. The truth – and studies and research are out there to prove it – is that nutrition is not too complicated. 

In this episode of the podcast, Amber welcomes Robert J. Davis a.k.a. The Healthy Skeptic, PhD, and author to demystify popular and wrong information about nutrition. Robert explains that there are some things that we cannot help when it comes to changing our body composition (like microbiome and genetics) but there are also a lot of best practices that if done properly can really make a difference. Tune in! 

Wellness Quote

  • “Nobody can go from eating a certain kind of diet which is perhaps filled with a lot of processed or refined grains and overnight change that. This is a gradual process that has to happen over time and taking small steps over time is crucial here.” – Robert J. Davis

Key Highlights

  • Misinformation in the industry inspired Robert to start his work and try to spread the truth when it comes to nutrition;
  • Robert explains that the pressure to try to lose weight no matter what, can affect our health – physical and mental;
  • Robert explains that some things we can’t help or change when it comes to changing our body image (microbiome and genetics);
  • How to identify these things we can’t change and when is the time to recognize and accept how we were made;
  • Robert talks about what motivated him to write his book and what are some of the key themes that the book was based upon;
  • Robert debriefs important topics for weight loss such as calories (counting macronutrients), myths about exercising and cardio, and best practices on intermittent fasting.

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About Robert J. Davis

Robert J. Davis, PhD, a.k.a. The Healthy Skeptic is an award-winning health journalist whose work has appeared on TIME, CNN, PBS, WebMD, and in The Wall Street Journal. The author of three previous books on health, he hosts the “Healthy Skeptic” video series, which dissects the science behind popular health claims. Davis holds an undergraduate degree from Princeton University, a master’s degree in public health from Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health, and a PhD in health policy from Brandeis University, where he was Pew Foundation Fellow.

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Instagram: @healthyskept

Facebook: Robert Davis – Healthy Skeptic

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Amber is a Body Transformation Expert, Founder of The Wellness Revolution, motivational speaker, and NBC Health and Wellness Coach. Having built a lifestyle that allowed her to embrace work, children, exercise, and well-balanced eating habits, Amber now works with helping and coaching women to achieve the same level of serenity and empowerment through a sustainable way of living.

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