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TWR 070: The Beauty of Answering Life Calls with Melissa Carcache

In this episode of The Wellness Revolution, Amber interviews Melissa Carcache. Melissa is an actress, producer, and podcaster who sees a huge value in spreading her message and being able to talk about what she is most passionate about, on any given platform. Through the world of podcasting, Melissa found her true ‘calling’ and is now presented with a great opportunity to help others, speaking with her own voice.

Today, Melissa talks about her own past with the actress career, how it all unfolded for her, and how she could co-plan and co-create her most recent scripted web series ‘Hialeah’ that plays a tribute to the place in which she grew up. Melissa also tells us a little bit about the constant shifts that she had in her adult journey, going from one career to another, and explains that sometimes we should embrace all the possibilities and drop the idea that there’s just one purpose for us in this life.

Wellness Quote

  • “I feel like every project that has ever been born has always come from a place of necessity or lack or something where I would just say: ‘Where can I fill this void that I’m feeling that needs to be filled?” – Melissa Carcache

Key Highlights

  • Melissa talks about her transition going from a celebrated actress from a hit Nickelodeon series to a content creator and podcaster focused on inspiring other people’s lives;
  • Melissa highlights the importance of platforms such as podcasts, how they make it possible to spread our unique message, and how she started her own show;
  • Melissa talks about the many lessons she has learned with podcasting and how good it is to be able to welcome different guests with different stories and always learn something insightful from these talks;
  • Your ‘true calling’ in life might be just one of many that you will find along the way. Being passionate about our work sometimes means having multiple passions;
  • Melissa wraps up with some advice for people with fear (or too much overthinking) of doing something new and taking the leap for a new activity.

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About Melissa Carcache

Melissa Carcache is an actress, podcaster, and producer, known for her breakout role as Lily on Nickelodeon’s hit series Every Witch Way. In 2017, Melissa co-created, produced, and starred in the scripted web series Hialeah, a tribute to the unique Miami neighborhood where she was raised, and home to the largest Cuban population in the country. The series was honored as Best Web Series at the Omni Cultural TV Festival and Best Comedy Series at the Boca Raton Film Festival in 2020. Shortly after in 2018 Melissa launched Millennial Women Talk Podcast alongside her sister and co-host global recording artist Stephanie Carcache currently in its third season and a top 3% global podcast for women. A passionate creator, Melissa focuses on putting out content that inspires, entertains, and unites global audiences.

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Instagram: @melicarcache

Facebook: Melissa Carcache

Twitter: @melicarcache

LinkedIn: Melissa Carcache

About Amber Shaw

Amber is a Body Transformation Expert, Founder of The Wellness Revolution, motivational speaker, and NBC Health and Wellness Coach. Having built a lifestyle that allowed her to embrace work, children, exercise, and well-balanced eating habits, Amber now works with helping and coaching women to achieve the same level of serenity and empowerment through a sustainable way of living.

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