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TWR 073: What It’s Like to Work with Me (Interview with Dayna Watkins)

In this episode, Amber welcomes one of her own clients! Dayna Watkins signed up for one of Amber’s programs and is now pursuing her goals in a whole new way, without struggling with scarcity, super restrictive diets, and anxious thoughts around fitness and food. You already know that lifestyle changes are really what makes the difference for weight loss, right? Here you will find a genuine testimony of this idea.

Restrictive diets can be the initial point for more serious problems such as eating disorders and we do not want that. We want to approach our eating habits in a sustainable and sane way, without the need of measuring anything, weighing anything, or counting calories. Dayna is living proof that a coach has the ability to hold you accountable when things seem hard, and accountability is everything.

Dayna shares with us more about her story: the difficulties around diets; the permanent restrictiveness about what she could eat and what she couldn’t; the daily moments of binging; and how she decided to change for good by applying for one of Amber’s programs. Dayna also shares that investing with Amber was the turning point in her journey and that she was finally able to drop all the dieting. Tune in!

Wellness Quote

  • “If anybody is having any doubts at all about joining, just check it out. Try and join The Wellness Revolution or one of the programs. You’re not going to regret it.” – Dayna Watkins (one of Amber’s clients)

Key Highlights

  • Dayna explains what caused her to be one of Amber’s clients. According to her, she wanted to stop the yoyo dieting and all the scarce mindset around food and her body image;
  • Amber and Dayna discuss the potential harm that outsourcing our self-worth to external compliments can cause; we need to feel good because we want to and for ourselves;
  • Dayna admits that at the very beginning she was afraid of applying for a coaching program, but eventually that decision turned out to be the best decision she has ever made;
  • Dayna shares what she has been learning with the program and how much already changed for her in terms of dieting, fitness, mindset, and overall wellness.

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