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TWR 075: Myth-busting Spot Reduction

“Amber, I wish I could just tone *this body part* up!”

“What exercises can I do to get rid of this stubborn belly fat?”

“Ugh! I am so self-conscious about the fat on the back of my arms!”

Hey Mama, if you have ever thought about this at one point in your life (most of us have), then this is the episode for you. This is what we call spot reducing– the idea of toning up a specific part of your body. 

But brace yourself, gorgeous. Spot reduction… is not a thing. Our bodies are complex with multiple factors at play like genetics, body type, and nutrition. All of these play a role when it comes to losing weight. So, if spot reduction is not possible, what can we do? The good news is that Amber is answering that question for us by dropping some of her biggest tips to solve this problem.

First, rather than do exercises that focus on a specific body part or muscle group, start doing compound exercises. These are exercises that are working out more than one muscle group at the same time– think planks, push-ups, squats or even some mini circuits with a slam ball. Once we have these exercises set, let’s focus on staying consistent with them. Now, consistency does not mean going hardcore 5-6 days out of the week. Especially if you’re just starting, oh mamma, you’ll shut down before you even begin and no one would blame you! You have to meet yourself where you’re at, and if that means one day out of the week, then do it– but do it consistently. Finally, nutrition is paramount. As Amber says in the episode, “You cannot out-exercise a poor diet.” If we really want to get rid of our excess body fat, then we should make ourselves a priority and minimize what we eat in a box or package.

Talking about spot reducing goes to an idea of a “quick fix,” but to get the results, we have to change our mindsets that this will not be an overnight transformation– it will take consistency to make it sustainable.

You in, Mama? Tune in for more!

Wellness Quote

  • “You can focus on strengthening… and building muscle which will, in turn, help with your metabolism and burn fat– but as far as target a specific area, there’s no such thing.” –Amber Shaw

Key Highlights

  • Ladies, we do not have “bat wings” or “muffin tops,” let’s give ourselves some grace and focus on what we can do rather than go after something that doesn’t exist like spot reducing;
  • If something could be as easy as spot reducing, everyone would do it, but our bodies are complex, and to lose weight or stubborn fat we have to take into account genes, body type, nutrition, etc.;
  • If we can’t spot reduce by targeting one specific area, then let’s do some complex exercises so we can get the most bang for our buck by exercising multiple muscle groups at the same time;
  • Whenever we are going to make changes to our fitness routine, we need to make sure we are being consistent. Meet yourself where you’re at if you’re just beginning, but be consistent;
  • You can’t out-exercise a poor diet, we have to make our nutrition a priority. When we incorporate all of these tips, we will start noticing the changes in our body– not overnight, but it will be sustainable weight loss.

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