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TWR 080: Taking Radical Ownership to Get What You Want with Julie Solomon

Today’s episode is a sesh that will challenge and empower you, with none other than Julie Solomon. In this episode, Amber is talking with Julie about what we can do as women to get what we want out of life. This episode is full of wisdom, so you may want to get that pen and paper as you cozy up with a glass of wine, because, Mama– this badass of a woman is calling us out in the best possible way so we can optimize our lives and find purpose.

Have you ever been completely overwhelmed, say… by just looking at your phone? All the ugly red notifications that scream at you. This is exactly what Julie did not want her audience to feel by reading her book. She knew exactly what not to do. She wanted to be authentic and give tangible steps to get what you want out of your life. Today’s interview between Amber and Julie is a journey through the book, Get What You Want: How To Go From Unseen To Unstoppable. The first stop is actually in the introduction of the book but brings about a conversation that many women that are moms shy away from. Sometimes there are days we don’t feel like being moms. *gasp* This is just one stigma that Amber and Julie do not shy away from. If we want change and satisfaction out of life, then the norm should be for uncomfortable conversations to become comfortable.

This flows so naturally into the next topic Amber brings up to Julie about validation. This is where it gets real. The scene is set when Julie gives us some context about a particular influencer that she looked up to a great deal that emailed her when Julie’s own podcast, The Influencer Podcast, started gaining traction. Fantasies of friendship and collaboration immediately entered her mind… and then she read the email. To say it was the complete opposite of that would be an understatement, but Julie used it as a lesson to realize that she was seeking external validation from others simply because there were things about herself that she didn’t like. Pause and read that again. Does that hit a little too close to home? As Julie says, when we hide what we don’t like about ourselves with the validation of others, it will only cause destruction.

Thanks for the uplifting words, right? But fear not because as the episode wraps up, one of the final topics that is brought up is purpose. As Amber says often, we have to take radical ownership. The sooner we can own who we are and gain a sense of acceptance, whoa, now we are empowered to get what we want out of our lives. We can be intentional in the present so we can get what we want in the future. 

You in, Mama? Tune in for more!

Wellness Quote

  • “The more that I stay focused on being accepted and being validated by other people– just because it allows me to avoid the fact that there’s a lot about myself that I don’t like, that’s only going to end in destruction.” –Julie Solomon

Key Highlights

  • Julie wrote her book out of a sense for her readers to be able to experience her in an authentic way, to see the obstacles she has had to overcome, and give tangible steps to achieve what they want;
  • Being a mom is a wonderful responsibility, but there is a stigma that is placed on moms that we can’t express at times that some days it is just hard to be a mom or days where we don’t want the responsibility of being a mom at all;
  • Amber agreeing with Julie that as soon as we can get honest with ourselves in our momhood journey, the sooner we can really tap into getting what we want and who we want to be;
  • The reason that our own self-confidence and our own value, acceptance, and approval are contingent on what others think is because it makes us feel better about not liking ourselves;
  • The more we can trust and love ourselves, the more we can love and trust other women– truly and authentically;
  • We have to be able to understand how our “origin story” affects our belief systems we have in place today, only then can we be empowered to make change and take radical ownership of our lives;
  • Become the woman that you want to be tomorrow so you can get the results that you want today.

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Julie Solomon is a Speaker, Business Coach, host of the top-rated The Influencer Podcast, and Author of the upcoming book, Get What You Want: How to Go From Unseen to Unstoppable (HarperCollins Leadership, June 7, 2022). Her upcoming book, Get What You Want, teaches you how to shake off outdated ideas of what is possible and use your newfound belief to make anything you want to happen. Julie has launched several successful online programs including Pitch It Perfect, The Influencer Academy, and SHINE Mastermind, which teach clients how to master the skill sets needed to take a personal brand idea and turn it into a profitable, sustainable. In her weekly podcast, The Influencer Podcast, Julie offers up real-time coaching, straight talk, and conversations to her millions of listeners worldwide.

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