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TWR 084: Showing Up for Yourself with Amy Ledin

In this episode, Amber is talking to the badass woman that is Amy Ledin. They are breaking down the barriers around weight loss and being completely transparent by looking inward and rather than in the mirror. If we’re being honest, how many of us associate that dreaded mirror negatively? That’s why we have to show up for ourselves in everything we do to prove– damn, we are worth it.

But what does this mean? It seems almost trendy to say “show up for yourself.” Really, as Amy and Amber break it up, it comes down to intention. Amy and Amber both have stories that many of us can relate to. Did you ever have that moment as a child where you realized, there was just something different about the way you looked– and it didn’t make you feel good. As Amy says, “no one likes to be the chubby kid in school.” 

But we aren’t children anymore. But some of us may have kids that have inherited that same title we had. We have to show up for ourselves. Like an airplane emergency, the parent puts on the mask first and then the child. When we have intention behind our decisions, we are modeling effective behavior for our children. It is up to us to keep our home environments strong.

How do we do this? As the episode wraps, Amy discusses a BANG-card technique (Behavior, Activity, Nutrition, Growth). These are four agreements we make to ourselves the night before and if we can check each item off as achieved, we have won that day. A simple tool, but what an empowering way to show up for yourself and win back your life– whether it be weight loss or any other valley.

You in, Mama? Tune in for more!

Wellness Quote

  • “I was just a really good program follower for years, but the moment you took that away from me, I was looking for ways to break my promise [to myself].” –Amy Ledin

Key Highlights

  • Childhood as the “chubby kid” can lead to inner work we have to deal with as adults. 
  • Personal development work is everyday. It has to be intentional– with purpose.
  • What behaviors are you modeling for your children? Even if you don’t think you’re modeling anything health-wise, you most certainly are. Take a moment to think about what those behaviors are currently and if they should be changed.
  • We don’t meal prep pizza! When we plan ahead of time, we are making better choices for ourselves.
  • Because of the dieting culture that has been so pervasive, diets often run very deeply for women in a psychological sense.
  • Don’t confuse a promise with willpower. Think of an agreement to yourself. If you say you are going to make your bed, then make the damn bed. That’s an agreement you have kept with yourself. What other areas of your health can those agreements lend themselves to?

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