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TWR 087: The Tool to Stop Binge Eating

There are tools that Amber has been talking about a lot lately on social media and it is called exposure therapy or intermittent sampling. This tool is very powerful and can help you to trust yourself around food more so that you are not stuck on diets that don’t work. Lifestyle 2.0 is all about making healthy choices that taste good to you and feel good in your body. This tool can help you to eliminate binge sessions and make sustainable weight loss possible.

In this episode, we talk about how food is food. There is no good food or bad food. Amber shares tools that help you learn how to trust yourself around food, get to Lifestyle 2.0, and stop binge eating. She also talked about what the differences between Lifestyle 1.0 and 2.0 and why diet culture keeps us stuck in 1.0

It is not about being perfect, but consistent. One tip is to do exposure therapy and journal what feelings come up when you are having cravings. What emotions, physical feelings, and thoughts come up? 

You in, Mama? Tune in for more! 

Wellness Quote 

“Diets don’t teach us what to do when the diet is over. They start with nutrition and end with exercise. This is Lifestyle 1.0” -Amber Shaw

Key Highlights 

  • Jill Coleman, business coach, coined the term “exposure therapy”, which is a tool that helps people to learn to trust themselves around food. It can help to eliminate binge sessions
  • Eliminating whole food groups, or living your life in a “diet mentality”, is not the goal. It is not real life or realistic. We need to live in Lifestyle 2.0
  • The point of this is to trust yourself around food and to take a look at what else you’re doing in your lifestyle to see why is it that you are binging on and where it can be in your nutrition
  • If you are following on and off the wagon, your wagon sucks. You are following wheels made by someone else and it is just not working
  • To get to Lifestyle 2.0, it is not just one thing. You have to do multiple things to arrive at this place. 

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