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TWR 088: Demystifying the Physical and Mental Effects of Menopause With Monica Molenaar

In this episode Amber is talking with the amazing Monica Molenaar. Together, Amber and Monica talk about menopause and the devastating and quick changes it can make to your body. They discuss the importance of hormone therapy and all of the misinformation circulating and propagating that can really be more harmful than good. Menopause is a topic that so many women are wondering about and going through themselves. Unfortunately…there just isn’t enough information out there and easily available. 

Because of Monica’s extensive family history of breast cancer, she was extremely proactive about screenings. After finding out she was BRCA positive at a young age and having her ovaries removed she was thrust immediately into menopause because of loss of estrogen production. It was an overnight change that was unexpected and extremely difficult. She experienced many early onset symptoms. She talks about how not sleeping, gaining weight, being in a bad mood because of lack of sleep, slowing metabolism, looking and feeling exhausted, being really irritable (NOT good with noisy little ones running around!) and experiencing major joint pain really affected all aspects of life. Carrying the extra weight and not feeling at all like herself any longer felt “demoralizing” to her. Amber and Monica discuss how body image and weight can really affect the mental health aspect of this process and of life in general. 

After finding a knowledgeable doctor and being given a compounded hormone treatment she experienced much relief. She finally felt like herself again. When deciding to go back out into the workforce, Monica was determined to find what she was passionate about and Alloy was born. Alloy is a tele-health platform with medical doctors on standby, for people needing medical advice and/or medications. Amber and Monica talk about the importance of gut micro-biome and how it affects menopause as well as so many aspects of life. 

Key Highlights

  • Monica talks about how important it is to seek answers and see other doctors when you don’t feel like you are getting what you need from one. 
  • 80% of women will experience moderate to severe symptoms of menopause. Three fourths of those women will actually go to a doctor to get help. Only 6% of women are prescribed medications. 
  • Hormone replacement therapy far outweighs the risks.
  • Women need access to the mental and physical help that they require.
  • The gut micro-biome are SO important for overall health.
  • The meaning of menopause is estrogen depleted. 
  • Feeling good and feeling like yourself is so important. 
  • We’re living in a time with so many resources but so much misinformation. 

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