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TWR 092: How to Create the Life of Your Dreams with a Mindset Shift with Ari Zucker

In this episode, Amber sits down with actress Ari Zucker. She has been in the entertainment world for over 23 years and is widely known for her current role as Nicole Walker on the hit Daytime TV show Days of Our Lives.

Apart from her career in front of the camera, Ari is a creative mind coach, life coach, and positivity advocate—a new path she carved out for herself in 2019 right as the COVID-19 pandemic turned the world upside-down.

Today, Ari’s brainchild Aloha Life Coaching is dedicated to providing support and guidance to those who were mentally and emotionally impacted by the economic and cultural turbulence of the past couple of years.

Ari’s focus as a coach is on the gift of listening, absorbing information, and supporting clients with the tools to get to the root of HOW they can shift their mindset to a proactive way of living. “When we value change over our current situation, we begin to create the life we imagine.”

Listen in as Ari and Amber discuss the paradigm shifts that have to take place in order to regain control over your life.

They talk about the importance of taking personal accountability for your thoughts and actions, relaxing into what you desire, focusing not only on what you want but how you want to feel, and the right way to practice self-care.

Key Highlights

  • It’s okay to fall off the wagon now and then, as long as you make the effort to get back on track.
  • Your thoughts lead to feelings which lead to actions which lead to results. When you can understand how your body works, you will be able to process your thoughts much more effectively.
  • Self-coaching and troubleshooting negativity in your life can be as simple as taking a journal and continually asking yourself “why” until you get to the root cause of why you feel the way you do.
  • As human beings, we tend to blame everyone and everything around us for our misfortunes, when really, at the end of the day we’re blaming ourselves. True healing starts when we acknowledge that it all starts and ends with our own mindset and the choices which follow.
  • The power of a word or phrase depends entirely on the value you give it.
  • There are two ways to approach life: either with the belief that things happen to you or that things happen for Which approach will you choose?

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