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TWR 094: Finding Your Center and Embodying Love with Ryan Haddon

In this episode, Amber interviews Ryan Haddon. Ryan is a Life and Spiritual Coach who is a master at helping people change their subconscious for good. Today, they talk about a variety of topics that are fundamental to understanding how our mind works and why the way we talk to ourselves matters.

Ryan explains that the foundation of her work is passing the knowledge she acquired throughout the years to other women, helping and assisting them, creating a ‘golden chain’. So many women outsource their worth to their physical appearance and sometimes they end up forgetting that internal beauty is more essential than the external.

In addition, Ryan shares the importance of asking ourselves the question: ‘How am I today?’ and making an effort to feel good. Sometimes our thoughts indeed trick us into thinking something’s wrong, but that’s just the subconscious, Ryan explains. And to change the subconscious (it’s hard but it’s doable) we need to focus on some practices like meditation and affirmations to create that change day by day.

Amber and Ryan also talk about aging, some of the most important health hacks to feel good – and look good –, and what it means to have a ‘self-care’ moment. Tune in!

Key Highlights

  • Ryan is an advocate of embodying self-love. Sharing a little bit about her background, she felt the need to love herself no matter what, even when all the tools she had failed her;
  • Passing the knowledge to other women is one of the core values of Ryan’s work;
  • The concept of integrity is different for everyone;
  • Sometimes, for some of us, the inner voices in our heads pop up to make us believe something is wrong. What’s the solution? Don’t listen to them;
  • Ryan explains that getting to know our higher self can happen in many ways. These inner guides are multiple and can help us at any given moment;
  • Our thoughts are not always true, they come from the subconscious mind. That’s why it’s important to respond to some situations instead of reacting;
  • Affirmation practices should start with a theme; creating a phrasing that connects with you it’s the first step.

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