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TWR 099: How to Break Up with the Scale

In this episode, Amber shares great tips on how to shift your mindset and finally break up with the scale and not let the 3-digit number dictate how you will feel for the rest of the day. It’s really interesting how the number on the scale can impact the emotional estate of those looking for fat loss goals. Suddenly, your weight is no longer data to analyze; it becomes a piece of evidence that you’re not working hard enough, right?

What most people don’t know, however, is that the number on the scale can be influenced by many and many variables: if you had a good night of sleep, if you had enough water the day before, if you had an intense workout that morning, if you are fasted of had a big meal moments before. All of these factors impact your weight at that specific moment.

So, why do we feel so ‘emotionally hijacked’ by the scale to the point that it can influence our self-worth and self-image?

For many years the scale has been a symbol for both fat loss and muscle gain goals. But other aspects – non-scale aspects – can also tell if you are succeeding: your clothes fit differently, you’re looking different in the mirror, people are noticing changes, etc.

Not to mention the specifics of fat loss vs. weight loss. There’s a thing called body recomposition that can help explain why the number on the scale is not going down (you might be changing fat for muscle mass). Tune in to listen to the whole episode and learn how to quit the scale obsession!

Key Highlights

  • Why do we let the number on the scale dictate our self-worth? During your fat loss goal, it’s more than important to break up with the scale instead of being obsessed about it;
  • For many years traditional medicine has been using the scale to provide data (health markers) for patients. The problem is that the scale has no longer become data and is now a tool for self-sabotage;
  • Once you let the scale go, start celebrating your non-scale victories (there are many of them), and start dissociating your emotion with it, your life improves;
  • Allow yourself to check in with yourself instead of letting an external circumstance (the scale) tell you that;
  • Ask yourself: “Why do these numbers are so important to me?”

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