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TWR 102: Improve Your Sleep Quality To Improve Your Health with Julian Jagtenberg

Sleep is KING! As we age and our hormones shift, sleep is something that can suffer. There are lots of quick fixes, but in the long-term, they aren’t a sustainable solution. Today’s guest, Julien Jagtenberg is sharing some killer and innovative technology that can help improve your sleep through breath. He also brings us tips and tricks to help lead you to better sleep quality.

Drawing inspiration from his own mother’s battle with sleep deprivation, Julian wanted to find a natural solution for her. This is how he found the power of breathing to help his mom’s sleep quality and many others with their sleep deprivation.

Julian delves into how sleep is the key to health. Many of the health issues we see today are due to lack of sleep and poor sleep quality. We tend to obsess over exercise, weight loss, and many people struggle with mental health and it can all be tied to lack of sleep. However, we can build our health up and use the best medicine to heal our bodies, and that is good quality sleep.

Why do the latest and greatest sleep gadgets not work? Well, that’s because restlessness (stress, and anxiety) is the root cause of most sleep issues. Julian read about the effects of holding a baby on your chest and the subconscious mimicking of the breathing pattern of the baby and how it can help calm the nervous system. This is how his concept of the breath being the key component of his development of somnox. Many of the trackers we use at home are not always accurate and just confirm and reinforce our poor sleep quality and this doesn’t help. In fact, it can worsen sleep deprivation from more stress and anxiety. These trackers don’t help us solve the problem of poor sleep quality!

According to Julian, the better way and the more holistic approach to measure your sleep hygiene is going to be asking yourself how you feel when you wake up in the morning. It’s time to look at what we can do to make ourselves feel better with tangible tools. That means making sure to establish a sleep ritual (going into sleep mode), using breath-work exercises, writing thoughts down and getting them on paper before going to sleep. Somnox can assist in the breathwork piece of your sleep ritual and can help you improve your overall health. 

Key Highlights

  • How Somnox was born from Julian’s mother’s own sleep deprivation
  • Many of the health issues plaguing the US can be caused by poor sleep quality
  • The ineffectiveness of sleep trackers and why they don’t offer solutions
  • Melatonin and the dangers of taking these supplements
  • The misleading idea that alcohol can help you go to sleep faster
  • Somnox and how it works by utilizing breathwork that can support good sleep

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