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TWR 104: Normalizing the Aging Process with Douglas Mapp, Dr. Philippe Douyon, and Stacy Busby

According to a research study, 78% of women experience brain fog in the workplace during menopause. This is the catalyst for the opening discussion on whether or not there should be accommodations provided for women experiencing menopause in the workforce. Where is the balance between special exceptions and education for women who are transitioning through major seasons in life? Douglas, Dr. Philippe, and Stacey each bring different perspectives to the table and discuss the major shifts and changes that need to be made in our society in regard to the way we work before this can be addressed.

Bringing attention to the natural aging process, today’s guests dissect the different things both women and men deal with and how we can better understand these changes. Women experiencing perimenopause and menopause are not the only ones! Men are experiencing changes in their life as well due to low testosterone from the aging process. They discuss the need for awareness on both sides of the fence within the workplace specifically.

Later, Amber explores with Stacey the topic of women over 40 and the opportunity they have to define and redefine who they are (this includes men!). Up until this point, most women are wondering, “what should I be doing?”. However, once hitting 40, the question changes to “what do I really want? What brings me joy?”. Stacey encourages women 40 and over to strive for being in their best shape mentally and physically, instead of accepting the idea they’re an old lady at age 40. Dr. Philippe and Doug further the conversation by bringing a male perspective as well as professional and highlight the importance of truly taking care of health and wellness in the years before and during menopause.

Today’s episode is full of insight from different perspectives to help shift your view on work-life balance, health and wellness, nutrition, the differences in men’s and women’s aging process, and body image. If you’ve been wanting to grow your knowledge on the aging process, the mind-body connection, or become more in tune with your stage in aging, then you won’t want to miss this discussion!

Key Highlights

  • Menopause and pregnancy in the workplace
  • Women and men over 40 age differently, but there are some similarities to look into
  • Embracing the aging process and understanding how to choose your health over the rat race our culture sells as “success”

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