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TWR 108: Connecting to Your Inner Self with Kim Krans

If you’re ready and willing to receive and discover a creative space for yourself, you’re not going to want to miss today’s show! To kick off this episode, Kim shares her story and how she got her start through art. Specifically, she started drawing at a young age and it has carried through to adulthood. After studying art through college and leaving NYC for Philadelphia, she turned open-mindedly and open-heartedly to yoga, mantra, movement, and breathwork. At the same time, she started to draw her tarot deck and delved into the symbols and the mystique of the deck which has led her to where she is now.

Kim and Amber go on to discuss what tarot cards are and how they work. Kim explains how tarot cards are connected to other symbols and images across history. She goes on to explain the cards’ appearance. The deck is made of 78 cards, there’s an image and a word underneath at the bottom. There are four suites, and there’s the major arcana which are the big themes in one’s life. Ex: death card, sun card, temperance card, etc. She says the tarot cards pair image with concept and this stimulates the mind and psyche. This gives one the tools to know what to do and make things happen.

Kim and Amber go on to discuss how alchemy and the tarot cards connect and can be helpful and meaningful in one’s healing journey. They each explore and explain how going through painful experiences in their lives and how the tarot cards helped them and can help others get through hard times such as theirs. Kim goes on to share her creative process and expands on what it looks like for her. Her drawing practice is a part of her everyday life and is integrated into her daily routines. She shares with listeners that instead of “doing” creativity, she believes if you move your body followed by relaxation, so many ideas can come to mind. Have a pen or pencil on hand, get out of your own way, and get it on paper once it comes to mind and becomes accessible.

Key Highlights

  • Kim shares her story of how she became involved in her art and tarot cards
  • Modalities of healing and breaking out of the norm
  • What are tarot cards and what do they mean?
  • Figuring out how to access and tap into the answers we have for ourselves

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