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TWR 113: Understanding Bone Broth: Its Health Benefits and How to Consume It

This episode features Amber discussing one of her favorite snacks by Paleovalley which are perfect for on-the-go snacking. It is often difficult to find healthy snacks that will give us energy and provide our bodies with nutrients without leaving us feeling like we have consumed something that does nothing for us but leaves us craving more. Getting snacks is easy, but finding healthy, portable snacks free of preservatives, additives, and harmful chemicals is more challenging. There are many more grocery stores, gas stations, and convenience stores that sell chips and candy bars than places where you can get something nutritious on the go. Despite the fact that we have come a long way with healthy-ish options catering to different diets, including vegan, paleo, and gluten-free, many snacks still use these enticing buzzwords to trick us into thinking they are healthy, when in fact they are supplying our bodies with little nutrition.

Enter Paleovalley snacks, a company focused on making nutrient dense snacks with impressive nutritional profiles, like their superfood bars made from grass-fed bone broth protein and other real food ingredients. Amber has tried these and can vouch for their deliciousness and nutritional value.

As you may already know, our bodies benefit greatly from getting adequate protein. If your normal diet does not provide enough protein or you need something you can carry with you at all times, Paleovalley’s Superfood bar is a great option. This is especially true for women over 40 years old who are often not eating enough. In addition to the clean ingredients and protein, the bars contain collagen and hyaluronic acid, both of which are excellent for the skin.

The benefits of Paleovalley snack bars include their high protein content from bone broth and low calorie content. Protein keeps you fuller for longer periods of time, curbs your cravings, and may reduce the hunger hormone, ghrelin. Additionally, supplementing your protein could help you recover from a metabolic crash midday.

The consumption of bone broth protein could even slow down the aging of the skin, reduce joint pain, and reduce inflammation. The amino acids glycine and glutamine found in bone broth have anti-inflammatory properties and keep free radicals from damaging cells. Protein from bone broth may also help you sleep better and protect you against Leaky Gut Syndrome.

While there is no magic food that can help you lose weight, fix your gut, or make your skin glow on its own, supplementing your good health habits with nutritional supplements like bone broth protein can certainly make a powerful difference alongside your already existing health regimen.

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