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TWR 115: Adapting Your Nutrition Habits to Your Lifestyle

If you were to eat in a way that effortlessly fit your lifestyle and your health goals, what would it look like? What are the stories you’ve created about what is necessary for you to be healthy and meet your fitness goals? Has it been effortless, obtainable, and supportive of your lifestyle? The purpose of this episode is to discuss these important questions we should all be thinking about when choosing our food and our habits.

In this episode, Amber discusses a client who is having trouble cooking healthy meals for herself as well as for her family. Amber encourages her client to dig deeper into why she feels she must eat so differently from her family and urges her to consider how the foods she cooks for her family can be adapted to be suitable for herself as well.

Food doesn’t have any morality—there are no “good” and “bad” foods. You may be approaching your food in an unsustainable manner if you think getting healthy or losing weight means that you have to eat diet food and your family gets to eat food that is off-limits to you. Instead of focusing on foods you think you should eat, find the foods you like that work for your family and adjust them as needed to be nutritious, healthy, and enjoyable. Ideally, a healthy diet should consist of foods that we enjoy eating, which satisfy us, and aren’t difficult to prepare.

You can start to build a sustainable relationship with food by asking yourself questions like: What would make my meals more satisfying? How do I want to feel throughout the day? Do my food habits reflect my values, goals, and how I want to show up in my life?

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