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TWR 116: Harness the Power of Your Subconscious with Krishna Avalon

Joining Amber on the podcast today is Krishna Avalon, a subconscious transformation coach, and acupuncturist who has guided over 24,000 clients to transform their subconscious minds to become their best, most empowered selves. Krishna’s expertise and work perfectly aligns with the mission and vision of this show, which is to equip women with what they need to be their most empowered selves. In this episode, Krishna will delve into why the subconscious is the place to start when seeking sustainable change as well as why the conscious and subconscious must work together.

Ninety to ninety-five percent of the experiences in our lives are created by the subconscious, which is where our thoughts, memories, and habits are stored, yet the subconscious is still not prioritized much in mental health. Many of us hold subconscious beliefs that sabotage our progress, and Krishna argues that the most effective way to transform our lives is to learn tools that will help us work with our subconscious. 

Krishna is trained in Psych-K (or subconscious transformation), a practice that works with neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to change. In addition to helping you identify core beliefs in the body, subconscious transformation can reveal where you are stuck and what parts of you need nurturing, detachment, and balance. This might help those who feel stuck, find themselves repeating the same patterns, need a little extra help trusting themselves, or just want to feel more joyful and present. By healing these parts of ourselves, we are able to show up authentically and fully in the world.

If you are feeling stuck or overly burdened despite knowing what you should be doing, addressing your subconscious mind could be a game changer. This episode will teach you more about this extremely effective method of healing and encourage you to think about ways in which you can further develop and grow.

Key Highlights:

  • What led Krishna to pursue a career in healing
  • What is the difference between subconscious transformation and talk therapy? 
  • How are our conscious and subconscious minds different?
  • How do people know if they are a good candidate for subconscious transformation?
  • There is a vibration and a frequency to everything in life.
  • Krishna shares the most effective methods she has used to build her business.
  • Krishna shares how she coaches her clients who possess more masculine energy to let go and become more open to receiving
  • Lasting changes can only occur when you are in a place of worthiness and self-love
  • Neuroplasticity: You can create beliefs, which means you can create new perceptions and pathways in the mind that lead to new experiences.
  • How a Psych-K session works, who this type of treatment can benefit, and how to select a practitioner

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