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TWR 118: A Mind-Body Connection Approach to Injury with Dr. Abhinav Gautam

Having physical discomfort and not knowing what your condition is after several test results can be frustrating. In our guest’s line of work, he focuses on treating people with physical conditions that may not be immediately obvious. Rather than treating symptoms and taking medications, he takes a holistic approach and addresses the root of the problem.

Dr. Abhi Gautam, an anesthesiologist and entrepreneur, joins Amber on the podcast today. Dr. Gautam is co-founder of Vitruvia™ and pioneer of the revolutionary RELIEF® procedure that has helped top performers and athletes increase their mobility and restore their bodies to pre-injury state with little to no recovery time. Dr. Gautam has worked with many high profile clients such as Tony Robbins, Miguel Cabrera, and David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame.

In order to prevent pain from occurring in the first place, Dr. Gautam believes that a strong mind-body connection is essential. His analogy is that our bodies are like cars. If you ignore your car’s check engine light long enough, something really bad will eventually happen. When we do not take a moment to breathe, close our eyes, and find quiet time to be introspective, the same thing happens to our bodies. Dr. Gautam argues that despite the divine and mysterious nature of our bodies, they work within a logical framework or schema that identifies us as one human species. According to Dr. Gautam, it’s important to trust your body more than what you read or hear about health, but we must first learn to investigate what’s happening internally.

During this interview, Dr. Gautam will discuss human anatomy, connective tissue restoration, and how to connect to our bodies. In addition, he will talk about the latest injury prevention techniques as well as the technologies Vitruvia has developed to help those suffering from existing conditions recover and return to their favorite activities as quickly as possible.

Key Highlights:

  • The best way to prevent injury and care for our bodies before and after exercise
  • The effects of pregnancy on joints and existing injuries over the long term
  • The importance of listening to what your body is telling you
  • Gautam explains how non-surgical treatment for joint and tissue problems can relieve pain without downtime.
  • How can we prevent the need for pain treatment? Dr. Gautam’s thoughts on foam rolling, yoga, pilates, stretching, and active release
  • Gautam’s observations of what causes pain and misalignment
  • The importance of mind-body connection and how to begin to notice your body’s small signals and symptoms
  • Making time for self-love and taking care of yourself as much as you care for others
  • How RELIEF® works and how to determine whether you qualify

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