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TWR 120: How to Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss with Tracy Pleschourt

A successful weight loss journey doesn’t start with a list of things to do and not do. As with any goal worth pursuing, it really all starts with your mindset going into the journey: Where are you now and what has been stopping you from getting to the next level?

By getting clear about your weaknesses, you can put together the right strategy to help you fill those gaps.

This is a powerful concept, though sadly foreign to many of us. Most people want that immediate gratification. They’re not willing to do the work of building a strong foundation. But this is exactly the piece that separates those who enjoy their rewards for the long haul from those who fall back into old habits sooner or later.

Unfortunately, diet culture doesn’t focus on getting to the root cause of what’s holding us back from reaching our goals. Instead of working on healing our relationship with food, we’re told to impose a bunch of restrictions on what, when, and how much to eat.

But as today’s guest explains, a little bit of delayed gratification goes a long way. Change is always tough, but if it means breaking a vicious cycle of unhealthy habits and transforming your health and wellness for the better, it’s absolutely worth trying something new!

Listen in and learn how to go from reactive to proactive by taming your primitive brain and tapping more intentionally into your prodigy brain, the four basics of sustainable weight loss (which form the acronym SELF), and how to become content with giving up alcohol!

Key Highlights

  • Reverse-architecting your mind to set yourself free of what holds you back
  • The four basics of sustainable weight loss
  • How weight loss can lead to professional growth
  • Quitting alcohol for good

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