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TWR 122: You Are Enough: Becoming At Peace With Your Body with Nina Manolson

Many people, especially women, are constantly striving to change their bodies, seeing their bodies as ongoing projects. It is fine to have body goals like losing weight or gaining muscle, but the problem comes when we impose restrictive diets and unpleasant exercises on our bodies. These are aggressive methods that cannot be sustained. According to Nina Manolson, our podcast guest for today, this type of behavior is antagonistic to the body.

Nina developed an antagonistic relationship with her body at the age of nine, and once she healed that relationship, she made it her life’s work to help women develop trusting and respectful relationships with their bodies. Nina’s work is called Body-Peace because she helps her clients gain peace with their bodies. Nina focuses on helping people cultivate supportive relationships with their bodies through compassion.

Nina suggests that whenever you feel broken or as though your body is causing you problems, take a step back and realize that the problem isn’t you or your body but rather the relationship you have with it. The negative self-talk and restrictions many women subject themselves to in an effort to achieve the body they think they need are often what keep them on a diet roller coaster.

In this episode, we discuss how to shift your mindset about your body to be in support of it instead of against it, how to begin making sustainable changes that will help you feel at peace with your body and your food, and how to dig deeper to understand why you may want to change your body in the first place. Nina will even share some of her poems about body peace.

Key Highlights:

  • The relationship we have with our bodies should be allied rather than antagonistic
  • Being at war with one’s body is a symptom of not feeling like enough
  • Nina shares some of her poems about body peace
  • Nina’s advice for anyone struggling with body shame or having difficulty living in their body
  • Dissatisfaction with your body is not a weight issue, it’s a relationship issue
  • Prioritizing pleasure in movement: Start with what you love
  • Losing weight while being in an allied relationship with your body
  • Wearing clothes that make you feel bad fosters an aggressive relationship with your body
  • It is okay to grieve as we age and change
  • Health markers to pay attention to that are more scientific than the number on the scale

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