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TWR 125: Boundaries: Reclaim Your Time and Your Life with Dr. Sasha K. Shillcut

In general, women are expected to say yes and to make sure everyone is taken care of. Women, especially those raising a family and working, are prone to burnout because of this. Our guest on today’s podcast, Dr. Sasha Shillcut, is an integrative functional registered dietician who teaches women how to overcome burnout and take control of their time and their life by learning to set boundaries with their families, at work, with their children, and more.

Due to the lack of boundaries she used to set in her life, Dr. Sasha has experienced seasons of loneliness, anxiety, and complete burnout. In her newest book, Brave Boundaries, she shares how she recreated her life based on her priorities and went from surviving to thriving. She spent one year saying No to things she didn’t want in her life and documented her experience along the way, discovering that she had reclaimed a lot of time and joy as a result.

In this podcast episode, Amber and Dr. Sasha will discuss the expectations in society of what a woman “should” be and do, how to kindly enact boundaries, boundaries every woman needs, and how to deal with setting boundaries in some of the most difficult areas such as with your children or your phone. Whether you feel you take on too many tasks for which you aren’t getting paid, or you feel stuck doing things that do not align with your priorities, values, or the way you want to spend your time, this episode is packed with advice and resources that will help you begin to reclaim your time and your life.

Key Highlights:

  • How Dr. Sasha found her joy after a year of saying no
  • Enacting boundaries as a woman
  • What it means to function from a place of health and why it is important
  • The importance of establishing home boundaries and how to do it
  • By example, teach your children the importance of boundaries
  • Defining healthy boundaries and addressing misconceptions about them
  • The boundary every woman should have
  • How to tap into your value
  • Knowing when to say no and saying no kindly and clearly
  • Teaching our children boundaries and saying no to our family
  • Setting boundaries around our phones, emails, texts, and social media

Episode resources

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Dr. Sasha’s book Brave Boundaries



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