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TWR 133: Achieving Emotional Balance with Christopher Dedeyan

Today’s guest is a peak performance coach that teaches audiences how to hit emotional balance and be in control of their emotions. Christopher Dedeyan has a beautiful story of overcoming obstacles and will leave you inspired to persevere and achieve anything you desire. After years of struggling in school, Christopher was diagnosed with dyslexia and was faced with many failures at a young age. Because of his perseverance and determination, Christopher learned how to use his unique attributes to his advantage and is now a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker.

In this conversation with Amber, Christopher emphasizes the importance of getting in touch with your intuition and becoming massively aware of your current state. So many of us are confusing danger and fear because fear is constantly kicking in to keep us safe. It does not realize when we are not actually in a state of danger because we perceive the unknown as danger, which can keep us from amazing and wonderful opportunities. Once you can tap in and understand your true emotion as fear and not actual danger, you can achieve what you may have never thought was possible. As moms, we are constantly taking care of others, but being a martyr is not doing anyone any good. You have heard it before, but often we need a reminder: We can not take the best care of other people if we are not taking the best care of ourselves. We can do that by taking quiet time to reflect inward and be able to access that intuition and learn to achieve emotional balance.

Learning to control our emotions does not mean that we don’t allow ourselves to deeply feel negative emotions. Allowing ourselves to feel what we need to feel is incredibly important, but is it also so important to be intentional and in control of those emotions. Christopher explains that we need to give ourselves a timeframe for those emotions and then develop steps to overcome whatever the obstacles may be. If we don’t learn to control and understand our emotions, then they will control us, and eventually, we’ll lose control. Learning to take that energy and use it for positivity is the key. Tune in for more!

Key Highlights

  • Christopher offers a reframe for social media to think about it positively instead of seeing it as a comparison trap
  • Learning to follow your dharma or intuition
  • Fear vs. danger: How to tell the difference 
  • The number one thing high performers do
  • The importance of taking care of yourself so you can take care of others
  • When something difficult happens, look at what you can control and let go of the rest
  • Allowing ourselves to feel emotions and learning from them
  • How to develop a habit

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