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TWR 135: Living Purposefully and Authentically Based on Your Human Design with Shayna Cornelius and Dana Stiles

After feeling burnt out at 27, Shayna and Dana decided to do some soul-searching and seek answers on a deeper level. This led them to learn about Human Design, a practice that explains how our energetic bodies work. Understanding where and how their energy should be channeled allowed them to build a life of personal alignment. They share their expertise through their company, DayLuna™, which provides tools for discovering your unique Human Design and optimizing your life.

In Human Design, every person falls into one of five categories, each combining strategy, authority, profile, and definition. By understanding our type and learning about it, we can gain a deeper understanding of why we operate the way we do, what is holding us back, and how to go about living authentically and creating greater opportunities for ourselves.

During today’s interview, Shayna and Dana talk with Amber about what Human Design is, how it transformed their lives, and how it can be used in a wide variety of ways – from improving your professional life to improving your relationships or parenting.

As a combination of ancient and modern sciences, Human Design is complex, but Shayna and Dana have made it accessible to any reader in their upcoming book, Human Design: Discover Your Unique Life Path & How To Navigate It With Purpose.

Key Highlights:

  • Shayna and Dana talk about their journey into Human Design
  • Human Design 101
  • How Human Design can help you live your purpose
  • What is our energetic being?
  • How understanding Human Design transformed Shayna and Dana’s lives
  • The benefits of Human Design for entrepreneurs
  • Shayna and Dana break down Amber’s birth chart
  • The 5 types of Human Design

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