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TWR 137: How to Tap Into Your Authentic Self With Jessica Zweig

Although social media is a wonderful tool that connects us with other people, so many of us fall into the comparison trap. What we need to realize is that humans are multifaceted creatures with so many unique attributes, and what we see online is only a small fraction of the full dimension of someone’s life. Instead of falling into this game of sizing up your life to everyone else’s and trying to be someone else that you are not, it’s time to step into your authentic self and own your truth. Amber’s guest is here to help you do just that.

Jessica Zweig is the CEO of SimplyBe, which is an international award-winning personal branding firm, and she is the author of #1 best selling book, “Be. – A No B.S. Guide to Increasing Your Self Worth and Net Worth by Simply Being Yourself.” Jessica shares her journey of becoming an entrepreneur and the struggle she had between what was happening on the outside of her life, and how she felt inside. There was a disconnect between what she was doing daily, and what she felt she was meant to do. After an illness and surgery forced Jessica to get still and quiet with herself, she was able to hear a message from her true self that gave her permission to just “be.” She found out that when you learn to ask the difficult and uncomfortable questions and lean into them, you will hear the answer. In a noisy and busy world, it can be difficult to hear those messages from the universe, or our dharma, or whatever you want to call it. In order to hear it, you have to get quiet and embrace what it means to just be.

In this episode, Jessica encourages us to focus on our own lane instead of getting distracted or caught up in what someone else is doing. Her message for you is to never underestimate your worth and stay open to the magic of your life and the most beautiful things can manifest from that. The key is that you have to know that you deserve them. One very simple yet powerful switch that Jessica encourages us all to make, is to acknowledge and receive when someone says something genuinely nice to us. We have been programmed to downplay or deflect a compliment, and we don’t even realize it, but it’s time to own the magic and beauty that is within you. Being on a personal growth journey can be uncomfortable but you will come out the other side a better and more refined version of yourself. Tune in for more!

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