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TWR 139: Fasting and Nutrition for Longevity with Dr. Joseph Antoun

Nutrition is an important aspect of our lives that matters from the time we are born and all throughout adulthood, so why is there not more research and talk about what we can eat every day to live a long and healthy life? That is the goal of Amber’s guest Dr. Joseph Antoun. Dr. Joseph is CEO & Chairman of the Board of L-Nutra and a Member of the Forbes Business Development Council. He has his Doctorate in Medicine and Masters’ in Medical and Biological Sciences at Saint Joseph University. 

His focus is on seeing people before they are sick by tailoring nutrition as medicine and aiming for longevity. The goal is to prevent disease by living a lifestyle that combats the causes of diseases instead of relying on conventional medicine when diseases are present. Conventional medicine of course has a very important role in our lives, but we want to not have to use them in the first place, and instead live a life that sets us up for health and longevity from the get-go. 

In this episode, Dr. Joseph explains that a lot of diseases happen later in life due to the lifestyle choices that people make, and may not even be aware of the negative consequences. Factors such as nutrition, stress, happiness, and exercise play a major role, and this is what Dr. Joseph has dedicated his career to educating people on. He takes a deep dive into the topic of fasting and explains what happens in our bodies when we fast, the benefits of fasting, different forms of fasting, and the optimal windows for certain goals. Tune in for more!

Key Highlights

  • How can we tailor our nutrition as medicine?
  • Why are we not looking into food as a cure for diseases?
  • Why do most diseases happen later in life?
  • The benefits of fasting and different forms of fasting
  • What happens in our body when we fast 
  • Can fasting work for menopausal women? How does it affect hormones?
  • How often should we do a prolonged fast?
  • What is the max women should fast on a daily basis?
  • Do we get benefits from short fasts each day? 
  • What are the hours we should fast on a daily basis?
  • Is it better to eat a late dinner or to delay breakfast?
  • What does a well-balanced diet look like? 

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