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TWR 141: Living an Alcohol-Free Life with Amanda Kuda

Up until recently, anyone who wanted to quit alcohol would be hard-pressed to find resources that didn’t use the words “recovery”, “addiction”, or other similarly scary, shame-inducing terms. That’s true even today. What’s more, the majority of experts typically recommend either going on a highly-restrictive program or drinking only “in moderation”. Our guest, Amanda Kuda, has tried (and failed) to quit alcohol using both approaches. Today she does a deep dive into how she has found a third way to finally enjoy an alcohol-free life⁠—and has since helped countless other women do the same!

Unable to find the right coach for herself, Amanda dedicated herself to mastering the principles of habit formation and personal & spiritual development, in order to gradually change her relationship with alcohol. It all started with getting clear on those areas in her life in which she fell back on alcohol as a tool to deal with life’s various challenges.

“As soon as alcohol was out of the way,” Amanda says, “my whole world opened up. All of the pieces that I’ve been putting into place before then to improve myself: to be more emotionally regulated and stable, to be spiritually happier, and to be more abundant⁠—all of a sudden, those things started working tenfold.”

In this episode, Amanda shares how her refusal to live a “moderate life” motivated her to completely remove alcohol from the picture, and how she totally transformed at the physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual level as a result. She discusses the importance of embracing the authentic you that’s just waiting to be unearthed once you become content with facing the challenges of life without the numbing effect of alcohol. As she explains, the urge to drink is just the symptom. Once you identify the root, you can make healthier, more objective lifestyle decisions toward living an alcohol-free life. Tune in for more!

Key Highlights

  • What does it mean to be “sober curious”?
  • Why you don’t need to have a problem with alcohol for alcohol to be a problem in your life (and why it’s still difficult to quit)
  • How “balancing” with alcohol may still be keeping you from your goals
  • Using elective sobriety as a personal and spiritual development tool

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