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TWR 145: Science-Backed Skincare: A Conversation with Madhavi Gavini of Droplette

In this episode, Amber interviews the founder and CEO of Droplette, Madhavi Gavini. Droplette is a company that specializes in skincare backed by science. Madhavi, a mathematician by training, discusses the company’s origins and how it was originally created for medical purposes but has since evolved to deliver vitamins to the skin more efficiently.

Madhavi explains how the Droplette device works, its accompanying customizable app, and how the device is designed to work for a range of skin types and skincare routines, making it simple and user-friendly for busy people. Madhavi also assures users that there are experts on staff that can guide consumers on their skin journey.

As we age beyond 40, our body experiences a decline in collagen production, and this is why it becomes essential to replenish collagen levels. Madhavi sheds light on the types of ingredients that can help in promoting collagen production and those that should be avoided during different phases of life.

Furthermore, Madhavi discusses how other skin procedures compare to Droplette and who is most likely to benefit from different skincare regimens in during this very informative episode of The Wellness Revolution.

Key Highlights:

  • Madhavi’s journey from mathematician to skincare entrepreneur
  • What Droplette does and who is the ideal candidate for Droplette
  • How to get started with Droplette
  • How soon will you start to see results from Droplette?
  • The biggest skin concerns for women over 40
  • The various methods of consuming collagen and how they differ from one another
  • Managing expectations with Botox and fillers

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