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TWR 147: The Healing Power of Algae for Beauty and Wellness with Catharine Arnston

In this informative episode of The Wellness Revolution, Amber speaks with Catharine Arnston, an expert in algae for wellness, nutrition, beauty, biohacking, mitochondria, and longevity. Catharine sheds light on the power of algae as a nutrient-dense food crop that packs three times the protein of steak. However, despite its remarkable benefits, many people outside of Asia were oblivious to its existence until Catharine embarked on a 12-year journey to research and raise awareness about its remarkable healing properties.

To make algae more accessible, Catharine created ENERGYbits®, a spirulina tablet that can provide all the necessary nutrition and protein, with one tablet being equivalent to a plate of vegetables. This efficient nutrition means that individuals can receive all the nutrition of vegetables without eating a single vegetable.

Catharine also discusses two types of algae – spirulina and chlorella. Spirulina has the highest protein content in the world and is very energizing, while chlorella has the highest chlorophyll content and is cleansing and detoxifying. Additionally, Catharine explains how algae feeds our mitochondria and how it can restore them, as well as the crucial role mitochondria play in our bodies.

Tune in to this episode for an enlightening discussion on the numerous benefits of algae and how it can enhance our health and well-being. This informative conversation emphasizes the significance of integrating this nutrient-packed food into our daily diets. Get ready to discover how algae can revolutionize your approach to nutrition!

Episode Quotes:

  • “We have three problems in our world… Number one is even if you ate a very carefully curated vegetable diet, it’s very hard to give your body what you need, and we’re all busy… Number two is we are relying on processed foods and fast food… The third problem is we are surrounded by toxins.”
  • “The combo of not enough nutrition from whole foods, poor nutrition from packaged food, missing nutrients from supplements, and toxic overload, has put all of us, especially if you’re over 40, in the danger zone.”
  • “Algae isn’t new, it’s just new to you… It’s been used safely for 60 years in Japan… It’s not a fad. It’s here to stay. It’s a gift to us from Mother Nature.”

Key Highlights:

  • Catharine’s journey to discovering the healing power of algae
  • Unpacking the nutrient-dense benefits of algae
  • What you need to know about Spirulina and Chlorella
  • How algae can help restore and support your mitochondria function

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