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TWR 153: Innovative Solutions for Hormonal Health with Allie Egan

In this episode, Amber speaks with Allie Egan, CEO of Veracity, about her personal journey and the mission behind her company. Allie’s struggles with skin and fertility issues, coupled with the lack of satisfactory answers from medical professionals, inspired her to empower women to achieve optimal health and beauty, so she created a company focused on providing women with valuable information about hormones and skincare products that support overall health.

Allie’s personal mission is to bring information about hormonal health into the lives of more women. Allie’s company addresses the significant knowledge gap that exists around hormones, particularly for menopausal women, by promoting hormone health awareness and providing effective solutions. Their products are free of hormone disruptors and empower women with more information about their health.

Veracity’s innovative approach involves the use of new technology, accurate testing methods, and giving women the tools to communicate effectively with their healthcare providers. All supplements offered by the brand provide both beauty and health benefits.

This inspiring episode of the Wellness Revolution offers a wealth of knowledge, personal experiences, and actionable insights from Allie. If you’re interested in learning more about hormonal health, skincare products that support overall well-being, and empowering yourself with information that can transform your life, this is a must-listen episode. Tune in to discover how Veracity is revolutionizing the way women understand and approach their health, and join the conversation as we strive for a healthier, more informed future.

Key Highlights:

  • What differentiates Veracity from other hormonal health brands
  • How Veracity is revolutionizing the way women understand and approach their health
  • What does Veracity’s hormone testing entail, what is being tested, and why is it different from traditional lab tests?
  • A review of Veracity’s skincare line and which products are particularly advantageous for women over 40
  • Who would benefit from Veracity’s hormone tests and are they essential?
  • Is Veracity only for women?


  • “The ultimate form of wellness is really your health is connected to your self-care routine and work in unison.”
  • “Gut health is hormone health.”

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