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TWR 154: The Answer is Always Yes

Do you want to know the secret to finally being free from the diet roller coaster that so many of us have been on for years? It’s telling yourself “yes”. “Yes, I can have another serving of food.” “Yes I can have a cookie.” Now stay with us, because you may be thinking that sounds counterintuitive to weight loss, but it’s actually the key to shifting your mindset from relying on willpower, to owning your power and ability to be in charge of your body. 

For so many women that have a long history of dieting, they have lost touch with their body and ability to tune in to what their body is saying. Our bodies have a miraculous ability to tell us what we need, but if we continue to try to follow someone else’s diet plan and white knuckle through our cravings, we lose touch with that biofeedback. Part of going through Amber’s lifestyle coaching program is to re-learn how to tune in to what your body is saying. Your cravings can give you insight into what your body needs, and if you trust yourself to make decisions that are best for you, you can take back your power from the diets that do not support a sustainable and effortless lifestyle. 

Amber coaches women in her program to remember the mantra, “The answer is always yes.” This is key in switching from a mindset of “I can’t have the food I want” to a place of “I’m a grown ass woman and can make decisions for myself.” That sounds scary at first, but trust that magic happens when you make this shift. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to eat a bunch of food that won’t nourish your body, but it means you are going to trust yourself to make your own choices that align with your goals. What so many women think is that they will lose control and go backward in their progress, but by making this mindset shift, you can finally move into a place that will foster a lifestyle that feels great for you and will be sustainable long term, because that’s the name of the game here. 

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Key highlights:

  • Amber shares a nugget from a recent coaching session with a client that found herself in a place of negative self-talk and fighting cravings
  • Why Amber focuses on habit and lifestyle changes that work for each of her clients 
  • The key to staying consistent is learning how to reconnect with your body 
  • Every time you ignore your biofeedback, you are contributing to a future binge
  • Amber explains that her process for clients is helping them relearn to trust themselves
  • The answer is always “yes”, but that doesn’t mean you have to act on it

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