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TWR 157: Forming Habits That Stick: Why Focusing on the Journey Matters with Nick Carrier

In this episode of the Wellness Revolution, Amber is joined by Nick Carrier, a master fitness expert on goal achievement and habit formation. Nick is widely regarded as the transformation expert for busy professionals looking to make a change. With his expertise as a certified personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist, and fitness nutrition specialist, he has coached over 5,000 fitness classes and helps people around the world effectively lose body fat and build muscle.

In this conversation, Nick shares his insights on how to overcome fear, take the first step toward success, and form positive habits. He emphasizes that success is not just about achieving external results, but becoming a person of integrity and alignment. Nick also discusses the importance of focusing on the process instead of the outcome and shares his principles for forming habits, including being specific, setting measurable goals, and approaching oneself with curiosity instead of criticism.

Nick emphasizes the importance of defining one’s “why” and shares his expertise on adapting our relationship with comparison, forming our identity, and living in alignment to make lasting changes. Tune in to hear from Nick on how to start taking the first step toward transforming your life.

Key Highlights:

  • Nick’s journey to becoming a transformation expert and entrepreneur
  • Overcoming fear and taking the first step towards your goals
  • How Nick defines success to his clients
  • The importance of focusing on the process instead of the outcome.
  • Nick’s principles for forming habits
  • The three components needed to define your why.
  • Nick’s advice on going from insecure to confident
  • Adapting your relationship with comparison instead of avoiding it.
  • The significance of forming your identity and living in alignment with it to transform your actions and behaviors
  • Shifting the narrative instead of labeling certain behaviors as bad


  • “You have to take step one before you know what step 50 is.”
  • “Drop the notion that success is that external result and gain the notion that success is becoming a person of integrity, becoming a person of alignment.”

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