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TWR 162: Unpacking the Nutrition Pitfalls of High Achieving Women (Part 3)

Are you a high-achieving woman who struggles to maintain consistent, healthy nutrition habits? Your perfectionism and all-or-nothing mentality has most likely served you very well in your life and led to great success with your career, but can be detrimental when it comes to your nutrition. In this series, Amber covers the nutrition pitfalls of high-achieving women and the habits that often keep you stuck in a miserable diet cycle.

In part 1, Amber broke down the all-or-nothing perfectionist mentality and how it can often be a double-edged sword. Part 2 of this series dove into the pitfall of not prioritizing nutrition and planning ahead. In this episode, Amber addresses another area that so many women struggle with, and that is negative self-talk. When you speak poorly to yourself, it is going to show up in other areas of your life. As a high-achieving woman, you are used to excelling and achieving your goals, but if you find yourself struggling with your nutrition, Amber encourages you to reflect on how to talk to yourself.

A key component of Amber’s nutrition programs is allowing yourself to get curious about your cravings. If you are stuck in the cycle of putting yourself down about your food cravings, you will not allow yourself to explore what may be causing you to want certain foods. Your cravings can reveal things about your body, but if you just beat yourself up for wanting certain foods, you will stay stuck in that negative loop. To take charge of your nutrition once and for all, you have to reconnect with your body, learn to detach from emotions, and let go of guilt. Own the fact that you’re a grown ass woman and can eat whatever you want. Taking your power back in this way is incredibly freeing and allows you to take a deeper look into why you feel drawn to certain foods. So for all the high-achieving women out there that struggle with a perfectionist mindset, you are a powerful and strong woman, but you need to learn to soften that in some areas because the very thing that excels you can also be the thing that takes you down in other areas. 

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Key highlights:

  • How Amber’s negative self-talk kept her stuck in a cycle of unsuccessful diets
  • Amber offers a reframe to get out of the loop of speaking poorly to yourself 
  • What to explore about your cravings instead of beating yourself up about them

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