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TWR 167: Using Food to Reduce Inflammation and Age Backward with Anais Goldberg

You have probably heard the saying “Food is Medicine” and that couldn’t be more true. What you put on your plate and into your body has the power to fuel your cells with what you need to feel your best. The opposite is true as well, and some foods can have us feeling sluggish and inflamed. Now let’s be clear, the purpose of this conversation isn’t to cause fear surrounding certain foods and have you thinking “Oh no, now I can’t eat THAT too?!” We never want to label any food as “bad”, but the truth is that different foods do different things in our bodies, and the choices we make will greatly influence how we feel and look. Anais Goldberg has a beautiful way of breaking this concept down for us and shares her journey of being on the diet train for so many years, and the transformation that took place when she realized how to eliminate the stress around food and use it as medicine.

Anais Goldberg is the Founder of Cook Intuitively with Anais, which is a holistic approach to wellness driven by her belief that “the road to wellness starts in your kitchen.” After birthing 3 children in a 20 month span, Anais found herself having a hard time recovering and suffered from a long list of symptoms that she later learned were related to inflammation. Once she learned how to eat to combat inflammation, everything changed. Using flavorful combinations of food from her heritage combined with her passion for cooking, Anais teaches others how to build delicious, quick, and stress-free meals. As a busy mama, you know how valuable that is.

In this episode of The Wellness Revolution Podcast, Anais shares how she was able to reduce symptoms of her autoimmune disease by learning which foods to eat and which to avoid in order to avoid inflammation. She also explains what it means to eat for radiant and youthful skin, and how much younger she feels since making this lifestyle shift. Anais also understands that sometimes we just want to eat a big bowl of pasta or have a dessert, and that is totally okay. It is your mindset and what you do after that matters. Tune in for more!

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Key highlights:

  • How to use food as medicine without making it complicated
  • How certain foods cause inflammation if they are constantly in our diet 
  • How do we reduce inflammation with our food?
  • Tips for eating convenience foods when you are short on time
  • Tools you need in your kitchen
  • Eating for radiant and youthful skin
  • Being your own advocate and putting your health in your hands
  • How to bounce back after treating yourself to certain foods
  • How Anais helps people learn to cook intuitively

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