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TWR 169: From Pain to Purpose with Erin Washington

When it comes to sustainable weight loss, it is helpful to see your eating habits as a lifestyle, not a diet. When we stop restricting ourselves and start eating more intuitively, we break free from the diet mentality and find balance. Balance is what Amber’s guest came to talk about today.

In this episode of The Wellness Revolution Podcast, Amber welcomes Erin Washington. Erin is a lifestyle blogger and author who has struggled with body image issues for most of her life. Erin talks about her alcohol abuse, the beginning of her so-called treatment, her fight with bulimia, and all the coping mechanisms that helped her overcome these critical conditions. Through her new book called “From Pain to Purpose”, Erin has been helping women of all ages to deal with the same problems.

Erin details her writing process, highlighting that the vulnerability with which she wrote the chapters really helped other women to resonate with her story. And that is just the beginning: the book is full of tactical strategies to help people overcome the same problems. Tune in to learn more!

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Key Highlights

  • Being so vulnerable allowed other women to resonate with Erin’s story
  • Erin talks about her alcohol abuse and how she can now drink moderately
  • Figuring out your relationship with alcohol and find balance
  • Erin’s background with bulimia and feeling hopeless
  • Why should you outsource your worth to the way you look?
  • We all can help others if we allow ourselves to be vulnerable
  • Food is neither bad nor good; it’s neutral
  • Drop the diet mentality. Eating healthy is a lifestyle

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Book: From Pain to Purpose


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