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TWR 173: Getting to the Root Cause of Gut Health Issues with Rachel Scheer

Welcome to another episode of The Wellness Revolution Podcast. In this episode, Amber welcomes Rachel Scheer, founder & CEO of Rachel Scheer Nutrition, functional medicine nutritionist, and expert in gut health. Through her practice, Rachel has been helping people of all ages to get to the root causes of their health issues. Rachel believes that through lifestyle changes and a root-cause approach to health, we can start treating health issues more effectively.

Rachel shares the best practices for taking care of the gut, the most important and apparent signs that you might suffer from poor gut health, and which lifestyle changes can be made to take better care of the gut. You will learn everything about this topic, including the first symptoms of gut health issues, which diseases are linked to poor gut health, and what to do to prevent them.

In addition, Rachel talks about her background, when she started to have symptoms like chronic fatigue, thyroid issues, and hormonal imbalance, all derived from poor gut health. She also talks about her practice and services and how incorporating holistic treatments can be very effective as a substitute for conventional medicine.

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Key Highlights

  • How holistic treatments can be the ideal alternative to conventional medicine
  • Getting to the root cause of the problem and making lifestyle changes is the base of holistic treatments
  • Rachel shares the best practices for protecting the gut in menopause
  • Rachel explains what the gut barrier function is
  • Autoimmune diseases can be triggered by poor gut health
  • Learn the first steps to start focusing on gut health
  • 3 signs that might indicate you have poor gut health
  • How to work with Rachel

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